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5 DIY Pallet Projects For Your Lawn & Garden

Wood pallet projects are very popular right now, and why not? They are usually free, have character & are readily available. They are also a great medium for landscaping projects.

Canopy Lawn Care
August 26, 2016

Feeling inspired? From simple walkways to raised bed towers, we’ve rounded up five easy, do-it-yourself pallet projects you can try this weekend to add a creative pop to your landscape.


Adding a walkway to your existing landscape is an interesting way to visually break up an area or perhaps cover a problem area. The walkway can be functional and lead to a bench or small water feature, or it could be completely ornamental in nature. Let your imagination be your guide.

5 DIY Pallet Projects Canopy Lawn Care Raleigh, NC

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Since the wood will be outdoors and experience all of mother nature’s elements, you will want to seal it with a weather sealant to keep it looking great for years to come.


If you have always wanted a garden but don’t have a large space, pallets are a great option with endless potential.

You can create a vertical planter by attaching pots to the pallets themselves. This allows for planting a lot of different varieties of flowers and herbs in one location which is great for cross-pollination and also adds a nice, decorative piece to your landscape.

Pallet Planter - 5 DIY Pallet Ideas Canopy Lawn Care Raleigh, NC

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Another option is adding a simple backing to your pallet. Adding backing by using plywood or something similar, you can fill the pallet with soil and plant between the slats to create a vertical garden. Consider painting your pallet before you begin to really make your flowers and plants stand out. This is a great way to showcase heat tolerant succulents!

Pallet Verticle Garden - 5 DIY Pallet Ideas Canopy Lawn Care Raleigh, NC

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Your time and imagination are really the only limits to what you can do with wood pallets.

For some simple garden ideas, use pallets to separate different varieties of vegetables. This allows for easy access to your entire garden as well as reducing the amount of weeding you need to manage.

Pallet Gardens - 5 DIY Pallet Ideas Canopy Lawn Care Raleigh, NC

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If you want something a little more permanent, pallets can also be used to create garden boxes. You can build a standard rectangular box or you can create raised beds using multiple boxes. Varied boxes are a great way to create something that is both visually interesting and functional.

Pallet Boxes - 5 DIY Pallet Projects Canopy Lawn Care Raleigh, NC

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What else can you dream up? Have some fun incorporating pallets into your landscaping today!

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