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5 Reasons Why Your Lawn is Brown and Not Green

Is your lawn looking a little more brown than green these days? There are many reasons you could be experiencing poor lawn health, but here are the top five.

Canopy Lawn Care
May 4, 2015

There are many reasons you could be experiencing poor lawn health, but here are 5 simple reasons why your lawn is brown and not green.

1. Your mower blade is too dull

A dull mower blade can lead to ripped and torn grass with frayed ends. Dull blades will tear and bruise the grass giving the lawn a brownish tint.

2. Not enough water

Your lawn will become brown and dry up if it receives too little water. If you have brown patches in your lawn, stand on that patch while your sprinkler is on to see if the water is hitting that spot. Lawn ornaments and other items could block water from getting to every spot on your lawn as well.

3. Lack of fertilization

A nitrogen phosphorous potassium fertilizer is necessary to have balanced soil fertility as well as an even application of the fertilizer. This will ensure that there are no streaks of yellow nutrient deficient grass on your beautiful lawn. Avoid applying fertilizer before the weather becomes too hot in the late spring, or in fall before the grass becomes dormant.

4. Too much water

While it is necessary to regularly water your lawn, giving your lawn too much water can deprive your grass of oxygen and cause rotting of the roots and crowns.

5. Improper lawn care

Mowing the grass too frequently, too short, and leaving clumps can create a brown lawn or brown patches in your lawn. Make sure you are cutting the grass a proper amount for each season, only cutting a third of the length of the grass and removing grass clumps from the lawn after mowing.

Keep in mind: Allowing your lawn to grow too long between cuttings, will require you to cut more than a third of the grass blade to maintain the desire height. Mowing weekly during peak growing is the best way to practice the one-third cutting rule.

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