A Tailored Lawn Care Plan

We always see the hurdles with creating a beautiful lawn happen when there is a lack of a plan. It all starts with knowing a little bit about your lawn.

A Tailored Lawn Care Plan

It is really simple to create a plan and execute this lawn care plan. Take your time and start with these steps; we will start with the springtime.


To ensure that your lawn is properly cut, tune up your lawn mower first and foremost. We suggest you:

Sharpen the lawn mowers blades – do this to get the cleanest cut possible. A dull blade means a dull lawn, leaving jagged edges and a not so pretty lawn. During the heavy mowing season, be sure to sharpen blades at least once a month. Maybe have a spare blade or two on hand.

Keep up with your mower’s mechanical parts – Get new spark plugs, new air filter. You do not need to get new spark plugs every season, but doing it once a year always helps to keep your mower running in tip-top shape

Buy fresh gas – This might sound so simple, but through the winter months gas settles and gas sitting in a plastic container starts to settle. Be sure to get new fresh gas for the first mow of the season.

Clean up your lawn. Over the fall and winter months, lots of twigs and leaves fall and accumulate on your lawn. A solid amount of leaves can smother the grass and leave you with a dead spot of grass come growing season. Do a really great cleaning before the spring hits and before the first fertilizer and aeration of the season happen.

spring lawn care


You will begin to mow in early spring. Be sure not to mow when the grass is wet, as it tends to clog the lawn mower and can leave clumps of grass all over your lawn causing more harm than good.

Fertilizer and Weed Control: Both spring and fall are good times to fertilize your lawn. Apply fertilizer as your grass starts growing. For best results, follow the directions on the container of your favorite fertilizer application.

Aeration: Aerating your lawn is crucial. It punctures small holes in your lawn so water, fertilizers, and oxygen reach the roots to produce healthy green grass.

summer lawn care


Grass-cutting tip: Your grass is growing fast, and you might even be cutting more than once a week to keep up. To keep grass healthy, only mow once a week so you’re removing no more than 1/3 of the grass blade.

Frustrating Weeds: Weeds that have escaped an herbicide application should be removed by hand. Or if the situation is getting out of hand, use post-emergent to ensure a weed free lawn.

fall lawn care


These quick tips will help your lawn to prosper in the hot summer months!

Set your mower blade to 3 inches.

Deep, occasional watering is better for your lawn than regular sprinkler watering.

At least once a month, clean under your lawn mower to prevent spreading diseases.

It is ok to leave some grass clippings on your lawn, however big clumps are bad to have. Be sure to remove large clumps promptly and be sure to rake up twigs and any debris that may fall on your lawn.


Your main goal is to make sure you keep your lawn clear of leaves. Leaves can fall and start to overtake your lawn, killing your grass and causing you headaches in early spring.