Benefits of cool season aeration and seeding

Aeration and overseeding is one of the most important things you can do to improve the health of your grass and yard.

Benefits of cool season aeration and seeding

Fall aeration and seeding is an important annual service for all cool season lawns. The most common cool season grass types are fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, rye grass and bent grass. All cool season grass types can benefit from aeration and seeding. In fact, in our opinion, if you were going to perform one service on your lawn all year (besides mowing of course), it would be aeration and seeding.

There is really no downside to having your lawn aerated and seeded. Cool season aeration and seeding begins in the early fall season and continues through mid-October for the best results. At Canopy Lawn Care, cool season aeration and seeding or overseeding as it can also be called, continues to be one of our most popular fall services. There is good reason. Customers can very quickly see the results and reap the long-lasting health benefits for their cool season turfgrass.

New Growth

One of the most obvious benefits of aeration and seeding service is new grass! Cool season turf generates new growth directly from seed heads. Planting new grass seed in the fall is the best way to ensure new grass growth year after year. When combined with aeration service, seeds have ample opportunity to germinate and sprout new grass quickly.

Recovery from summer stress

As you may have guessed from its name, cool season turf thrives in cooler temperatures. This is the reason that grasses like fescue stay lush and green throughout the winter, while warm season turf types brown out and go dormant during that time. Summer can therefore be tough for cool season turf that struggles in the heat. During particularly hot weeks or periods of drought, cool season grasses like fescue may begin to go dormant. Performing aeration and seeding in the fall will help the turf spring back to life.

Canopy Core Aeration Canopy Lawn Care

Alleviates compaction

Aeration service, particularly core aeration, helps alleviate soil compaction. The practice of removing soil cores from your lawn breaks up compacted soil. This allows turf roots to grow deeper into the ground. Deeper roots = stronger, more resilient turf.

Improves soil aerification

Core aeration service improves soil aerification. By puncturing holes in the turf and removing soil cores, more air space is created in the soil. This enables fresh oxygen to circulate through the turf root system.

Improves water infiltration

Aeration service improves water infiltration. When soil becomes dry and compacted, it is harder for water to penetrate the soil barrier and reach the root system. Loosening compaction through core aeration allows more water to reach and provide nutrition for turf roots.

Improves turf density

When new seed is planted and core aeration works its magic to help create a healthier soil and root system, a beautiful thing happens…dense, green turf. Performing aeration and seeding on your cool season lawn in the fall is one service that will truly show you visible results and improve the overall health of your turf.

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