December 15, 2022

Canopy During Covid-19

Canopy During Covid-19


Regional Landscaping Company Steps Up During Covid-19 Outbreak

(April 8, 2020–Raleigh, NC) – Cary based landscaping start-up Canopy Lawn Care is helping people affected by the Coronavirus in a number of innovative ways, from hiring displaced workers to providing free lawn maintenance for health care workers on the front line of the crisis.

“I’ve got twenty-eight phone interviews scheduled for today alone” says Morgana Cannata, Canopy’s head of recruiting and onboarding. “With so many people out of work at the moment, the opportunity to work outside with safe distancing is pretty appealing. And we have a bigger need at the moment because of all of the initiatives we are rolling out.”

One of those initiatives is in collaboration with Greenscape Inc, another Triangle based landscaping company. It provides local health care professionals with free one-time mowing services and discounted ongoing services for the next two months. In addition, customers of both companies, as well as the general public, have the opportunity to sponsor health care workers and pay for their lawn maintenance for a single visit up to two months. “We’re excited to be able to support our community in this fashion” says Jason Stanley, Chief Growth Officer at Canopy, “The idea is that they have enough on their plate right now without having to worry about their lawn getting mowed. If we can make things just a bit easier for them we want to do that.” Greenscape CEO Daniel Currin echoes that sentiment, “It’s great to be able to actually do something to help right now, when a lot of people are feeling helpless.”

In addition to hiring displaced workers and providing free and discounted services to healthcare workers in Raleigh and Charlotte, Canopy is offering their version of the classic Victory Gardens of WWI and WWII. It’s a raised bed, cedar planked garden filled with gardening soil. The bed is assembled and filled on site, and our customers simply plant their favorite vegetables. In addition, a portion of each sale goes to support the free maintenance for medical professionals. “We think that people will really like the idea of being able to contribute to a good cause, while at the same time enjoy a more self-sustainable lifestyle.” Says Ben Wright, Director of Field Operations at Canopy.

Canopy CEO Hunt Davis sums up the current efforts at Canopy, “At the end of the day health care workers need help, people are out of work and need jobs, and serving others is very much aligned with our values. We’re fortunate to be in a position to help support our community during a challenging time.”

Canopy is exploring and offering additional opportunities at the moment, including partnering with Husqvarna to offer discounted pricing on robotic mowing services as well as SiteOne and other local nurseries to offer discounted vegetable and plant pricing for their gardens. For more information on Canopy’s Covid-19 response visit their website online at

Canopy is a privately-held full-service residential lawn care and landscaping company, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company utilizes cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly practices, and employee ownership to grow at well above industry average and gain market share in a large, hyper-fragmented industry. Canopy believes in celebrating their team members as well as their customers, and providing an exceptional experience to both.‍