How Canopy Lawn Care Creates Efficiencies

How we are using data to drive better decisions and gain efficiencies in our business.

How Canopy Lawn Care Creates Efficiencies

In a recent interview with Landscape Management, our Director of Operations, Ben Wright, talks about how we are doing things differently at Canopy Lawn Care. From our use of technology, to our completely self-contained trailers and use of one to two man crews for most jobs, Ben highlights how we use multiple data points to constantly track our efficiencies to provide the best service to our customers.

Creating efficiencies in the way that we work, helps Canopy Lawn Care crews spend less time on the roads driving from home to home and more time doing what they love – enjoying the outdoors, working in their craft and serving customers. An extra 10 minutes not spent on the road, can instead be spent walking a property with the homeowner, listening to their requests and vision for their lawn.

“Raleigh, North Carolina based Canopy Lawn Care is able to oversee and manage its entire fleet from two television monitors inside its operations office.”

Check out the video below. You can also read more about how Canopy is doing things differently in the full article on Landscape Management >>