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Christmas Decorations and Curb Appeal

No matter what kind of holiday decorations that you choose, it is always fun to add a little Christmas curb appeal to your home.

Canopy Lawn Care
December 12, 2017

Tis’ the season to break out the outdoor Christmas decorations!

Before you drag out all of the Christmas yard decorations and Christmas light decorations though, make sure that your lawn is in good shape! Edging your lawn along hard surfaces and blowing away any fallen leaves are sure to help make your Christmas curb appeal ideas stand out. If your area has had a recent frost, check the grass before you begin work on decorations. Foot traffic on the lawn following a hard frost can damage the grass blades and depending on how adventurous you plan to get with holiday lawn decor; you could be very disappointed with your grass growth come spring.

Clearing leaves from mulch areas, not only presents a better aesthetic, but it also lowers the risk of accidental fire from holiday light cords. Late fall and early winter is actually the perfect time to replenish your mulch as well! Adding a fresh layer of mulch after the leaves have fallen is a great way to add some holiday curb appeal. Mulch replenishment also helps to insulate plants during the winter months.

christmas decorations and curb appeal Canopy Lawn Care

When trying to decide what kinds of holiday decorations to use, consider adding green decorations from your landscape. While you are pruning the holly tree, boxwoods, or evergreens, save a few clippings for a wreath or swag display. It is an excellent way to recycle your landscaping waste.

Still in need of a little inspiration? We love these holiday curb appeal ideas from!

If you need help making your lawn look sharp through the holiday season, our Canopy Lawn Care Pros would love to help. We also offer full-service mulch installation. Get a free quote todaythat will include delivery and installation.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Canopy!

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