Cool Weather Planting

The temperatures are still warm, but it’s time to start thinking about fall.

Cool Weather Planting

Maybe your garden is dying out or you never got it started.  Not to worry, it’s not too late!  There is still time to plant your fall vegetables, but you will want to get them in the ground soon.  Ideally you want everything to be planted by September 15th.  You want to plant when it is still warm for a fall harvest.

North Carolina has three distinct growing seasons for vegetables, fruits and herbs.  The fall is a great time for planting broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, spinach, carrots and cilantro.  There is also time for a second round of tomatoes, onions and lettuce.

You can also use this time to clean out your flower beds and add new fall plantings. Right now, you should be removing diseased and damaged limbs from trees and shrubs and dividing plants that you would like to transplant to other areas of the yard. Consider adding a fresh layer of mulch to your beds now, to help insulate your plants during the cool season. If you plan to add any new trees or shrubs to your landscaping, now is the time to get them in the ground, so they can establish a strong root system before winter.

This is also the time for you to be thinking about your grass.  For warm season grasses, the aeration window is closing. However, for those with fescue, your aeration window is just beginning.  Cool season grasses should also be reseeded during aeration.

There are many great resources right here in the Triangle area of North Carolina that will help you to know when and what to plant during all seasons.

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension has all kinds of information and planting guides for when to plant and if you should plant from seed or transplant from another growth.

They also have a great calendar for annual vegetables, fruits and herbs. This is a resource to bookmark and go back to all year long.

The Holly Springs Garden Club, located in Holly Springs, NC, has great website with a month to month guide that will help you keep your flower beds looking healthy all year long. They also offer tips on what to plant for maximum success and enjoyment.