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Does Tree And Shrub Fertilizer Work?

Posted by Canopy on March 7th, 2018

Tree and shrub fertilizer is designed to provide additional nutrients to the soil surrounding your ornamental trees and shrubs. The roots¬†of your plants then uptake the nutrients supplied by the fertilizer along with the water that they need to grow. It is essentially “tree food.”

Benefits Of Tree and Shrub Fertilizer

Soil is a natural compound and therefore has a different element makeup depending on a variety of factors including location, climate, and other environmental factors. Different kinds of trees and shrubs thrive in different soils. The soil in your lawn may be lacking beneficial elements and nutrients to sprout colorful blooms or grow fresh branches each season.

Fertilizers offer your trees and shrubs the added boost they need to produce beautiful blooms or continue to grow and recover quickly from damage and disease. While most all trees and shrubs can benefit from fertilization, a few favorite blooming varieties include azaleas, hydrangeas, crepe myrtle, knockout roses, weeping cherry trees, Japanese maple trees, boxwoods, and more.

Pink azalea flowers Canopy Lawn Care Tree and Shrub Fertilizer

When To Fertilize Your Trees And Shrubs

The spring season is the perfect time to apply fertilizer before the blooming season. There are many are many products available on the market to feed your trees and shrubs. You may have heard of tree food spikes, tree fertilizer stakes, or other items that are injected into the ground. Organic fertilizer is also an option, although harder to determine the right nutrient ratios are being applied.

These products may contain similar ingredients, but are isolated to one area and may not reach all of the plant roots. At Canopy Lawn Care, our Pros prefer to use a granular fertilizer that can be sprinkled around the base of the plants. The nutrients are then absorbed into the soil through watering and rain. This is a common service that we provide to our customers along with their lawn mowing or other landscaping service plans.

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