Easy Ways To Add Curb Appeal This Fall

Curb appeal does more than simply just add a pleasant aesthetic. It can actually increase your home’s value.

Easy Ways To Add Curb Appeal This Fall

Perhaps you are trying to protect your investment and maintain the value of your home. Or perhaps you are ready to list your home for sale. Regardless of the end goal, maintaining a pleasant curb appeal is one investment that will always pay dividends.

Begin with lawn care.

Lawn care is one of the easiest ways to achieve curb appeal. Who doesn’t love the look of a lush green lawn? Maintaining a healthy lawn goes a long way towards enhancing curb appeal. Nobody likes to pull up to a home and see a weedy, patchy lawn. Focusing on your lawn care will keep your neighbors happy and if you are selling your home, attract potential buyers!

Don’t skip aeration and seeding service for your lawn.

Fall is the time your cool season lawn needs aeration and seeding. This is perhaps the most important service that you can provide your lawn all year. Cool season grasses like fescue, struggle in the summer heat. Fescue turf will often become dormant or look patchy by the end of the summer season.

Aeration and seeding will help return your lawn to a healthy state by aiding it in recovery from high temperatures and adding new growth. When a cool season lawn receives core aeration, the soil can absorb nutrients and water more efficiently.

Seeding or overseeding literally grows new grass. It is that simple. Cool season lawns generate growth directly from the seed head, so they need to receive seeding service each fall in order to achieve new growth. When combined with aeration service, seeds have the opportunity to sow into the soil deeper, receiving the nutrients they need to sprout and thrive.

Add a pop of color to your curb appeal.

Fall is also a great time to add a little color to your home’s facade and will add the “pop” your curb appeal needs to stand out. Colorful fall annuals are readily available this time of year. Flowering plants like mums are an inexpensive way to add color. Mums do well when planted in the ground or left in pots, so they are an ideal choice for natural fall decorating.

Perennial plants, trees, and evergreens can also be planted in the fall. In fact, it is the ideal time to plant these varieties. Evergreen shrubs and ornamental trees also go a long way towards enhancing your home’s curb appeal. For the best results, be sure that you plant after the summer heat subsides, but before your area is at risk for hard frost. Fall is also a great time to plant flowering bulbs, but you will have to wait until spring to reap their colorful benefits.

We also love these curb appeal ideas found on HGTV and DIY Network. Canopy Lawn Care can help you with your curb appeal this fall. For your convenience, we are available via phone, text message or email. Get a fast free aeration and seeding quote for your lawn today!