When should I start cutting the grass?

Once winter weather has subsided and temps begin to rise, you may ask yourself “is it time to mow the lawn again?”

When should I start cutting the grass?

How do I know if it is time to start mowing my lawn?

The best time to start mowing your lawn is when the grass is actively going again. Don't break out the lawn mower at the first sign of green grass.You do not want to cut grass when there is an active threat of frost and temperatures that still may drop below freezing. After you begin to see the first few signs of spring, like blossoming trees and shrubs or perhaps the stems from your spring bulbs protruding through the soil, it is best first to take a few maintenance steps to ensure a healthy lawn all season. For example, at Canopy Lawn Care, we recommend applying in the late winter or very early spring depending on your climate zone.

Take the time to make sure that your lawn mower is tuned up for the season. Sharpen the blades, change the fluids, etc. Of course, you can also keep the mower in the shed and hire Canopy Lawn Care's seasoned Pros to handle the mowing this year too!

When your lawn has been prepped for weed control, and the temperatures remain above 40, it is time to start watching your lawn for growth. Typically, you can mow the lawn for the first time in the spring when your grass has grown to approximately 2-3" in length. This, of course, varies depending on your grass type. Always cut grass according to the best practices for your grass variety.

Canopy always adjusts lawn mower blade height depending on both the type of grass, as well as the time of year. In addition to mowing the lawn Canopy also edges the areas of grass along hard surfaces and blows away any remaining debris for our lawn care customers. We do recommend leaving some clippings on your lawn as they act as a natural fertilizer - allowing some nutrients to be reabsorbed into the lawn.