Lawn Care in the Fall and Winter

Lawn care is typically a bigger topic during the spring and summer months, when homeowners are worried about mowing and keeping lawns green for outdoor activities.

Lawn Care in the Fall and Winter

At Canopy, though, we know the importance of the fall and winter months in recovering from the previous summer and preparing for next spring. Below are some tips for feeding lawns with fertilizer and applying appropriate barriers for weeds to keep a great lawn, year-round.

Cool Season Lawns

For cool season lawns, the next few months require two of the most important fertilizers of the season. The first fertilizer should be applied between September and October to help existing turf recover from summer stress and to jumpstart new seed establishment (it’s not too late to sign up for aeration and seeding in Raleigh/ Durham or Charlotte.

The second application is a winterizer fertilizer that will feed the lawn through the cold winter months, keep it green and allow for explosive growth in the spring. As cool season weeds pop up this fall and winter, our fall and winter plan will knock difficult weeds and enable your lawn to appear green and weed-free in the spring.

Warm Season Lawns

For warm season lawns, the season of dormancy is quickly approaching. As these lawns go into dormancy, cool season weeds will begin to appear and continue to grow throughout the fall and winter. The application of two rounds of pre-emergent weed control will prevent these weeds from germinating, stopping growth before the weeds ever appear. Additionally, now is the right time to spray out perennial weeds to get them under control before next spring.