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Lawn Care Prep For Winter

The familiar chill in the air signals that it is time to prepare your lawn for winter.

Canopy Lawn Care
November 1, 2018

Heed caution when purchasing products for your lawn that are labeled “winterizer” or note that they are for “winterizing” your lawn. While these products may be ok to use, the right type of product to use in preparation for the winter season greatly depends on the type of grass you have. Not all lawns need to be “winterized” exactly the same.

Here are a few simple tips to follow when preparing your lawn for winter:

Fertilize Cool Season Grass For Winter

If you have a cool season lawn (fescue), it should have recently been seeded. Following seeding, it is important that your lawn receives fertilizer prior to the winter. Fertilizing your lawn following seeding helps the new seed germinate and will feed your new lawn the added nutrients it needs as winter sets in. There really isn’t a “winter fertilizer”. Talk to a lawn care professional or ask a specialist at your local lawn and garden store for a fertilizer that has the right mix of nutrients based on your lawn care type.

Don’t Fertilize Your Warm Season Grass

Warm season grass should not receive fertilizer in the winter season. Grasses such as Bermuda and Zoysia go dormant during the winter season. Now is the time to apply pre-emergent weed control to your warm season lawn, not fertilizer.

Keep Mowing In Mind

Depending on where you live, your lawn will likely require mowing through the late fall season. Be mindful of your mowing length and ensure that you are mowing your grass at the proper height for the season. Typically, you should begin to lower your mower height gradually prior to winter, but be sure not to scalp your lawn! If you are not sure what the correct mower height is for your grass type, ask a qualified lawn care professional or turf grower.

Now Is A Great Time To Think About Winter Landscaping

When temperatures drop and your lawn is not looking its best, you can still maintain curb appeal by focusing on landscaping. Winter bed maintenance and pruning can go a long way towards keeping your home looking sharp throughout the winter season.

Late fall is a great time to replenish your beds with mulch or pine straw. This not only keeps your landscape looking fresh, it also helps to insulate your plants for winter. You can also add curb appeal by installing annual flowers. Canopy Lawn Care installs seasonal flowers for our customers to help them add color to their lawn and landscape throughout the year. Annual flowers like pansies, mums, and ornamental cabbages can create lovely late fall and winter landscapes.

Do you have questions about winter lawn care? Contact Canopy today. We would love to help!

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