Mosquito Control Service Canopy Lawn Care

Mosquito Control Service

Posted by Canopy on February 13th, 2018

Canopy Lawn Care offers a wide variety of lawn care services designed to help customers enjoy their homes and the outdoors. Mosquito Control Service is one of Canopy’s most popular service offerings and with good reason. This beneficial service is both cost-effective and guaranteed to work when it comes to drastically reducing mosquito activity in your yard.

Mosquito Control Service

In addition to being a nuisance, mosquitos can carry many serious diseases.  Canopy Lawn Care offers mosquito treatments that a guaranteed to kill mosquitoes and their larvae on your property. Our mosquito treatment plan consists of 9 service visits spaced approximately 21 days apart in April РOctober when mosquito activity is at its peak.

What Happens During A Mosquito Control Visit?

Before your mosquito treatment, you will receive a text or email notification from Canopy letting you know when to expect us. During your mosquito control service visit, your Canopy Pro will arrive and scout the property. During scouting, the Pro will walk the property looking signs of potential mosquito habitats. This can include any areas of standing water or trees and shrubs that are conducive to breeding mosquito habitats. If your home landscape features such items as kiddie pools or bird baths, your Canopy Pro may offer recommendations to avoid leaving standing water on your property or dumping and refreshing the water often. Mosquitoes love to lay their eggs in water!

Canopy Lawn Care mosquito control service includes: 

Mosquito Identification

Habitat Removal

Larval Control

Adult Control

Barrier Spray

One of the things that makes mosquito control from Canopy Lawn Care such a popular service is our customer guarantee. If you see mosquitos on your property in between service visits, we will come back out and retreat for you. The presence of mosquitoes following mosquito spraying does not mean that the treatment was ineffective. Keep in mind that like birds or other insects and animals, mosquitoes travel from place to place. If your neighbors are not treating their property for mosquitoes, there is always a chance they will show up at your house. Overall, mosquito control is extremely effective at keeping mosquitoes at bay for 21 days.

Questions about Canopy’s mosquito control service? Give us a call or request a quote today!