Is It Time To Mow The Lawn?

Posted by Canopy on February 20, 2018

Once winter weather has subsided and temperatures begin to rise, you may find yourself asking “is it time to mow the lawn again?”  The best time to start mowing your lawn is when the grass is actively going again. Don’t break out the lawn mower at the first sign of green grass. Ready to Mow…
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Mosquito Control Service

Posted by Canopy on February 13, 2018

Canopy Lawn Care offers a wide variety of lawn care services designed to help customers enjoy their homes and the outdoors. Mosquito Control Service is one of Canopy’s most popular service offerings and with good reason. This beneficial service is both cost-effective and guaranteed to work when it comes to drastically reducing mosquito activity in…
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Pro Tips: Early Spring Lawn Care

Posted by Canopy on February 9, 2018

We are fortunate at Canopy to have a best-in-class team that is very knowledgeable about proper landscaping techniques, lawn care, agronomy, plant health and more. Today on the blog, we are featuring valuable early spring lawn care tips from our own Mike Hrivnak, who is a graduate of NC State with a Bachelor of Applied…
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10 Tips For Spring Lawn Care

Posted by Canopy on February 1, 2018

Who’s ready for spring? There is something so refreshing about this time of year. It is the perfect time for a fresh start. It is also the perfect time to focus on spring lawn care. Getting your lawn ready for spring will set your landscape up for a successful growth year. 10 Spring Lawn Care…
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Leaf Removal Throughout The Winter

Posted by Canopy on January 23, 2018

The peak leaf season may be over, but did you know that it is important to keep removing leaves throughout the winter? Leaf Removal During The Winter Matters Many trees hang onto their dead leaves well into the winter season. As the leaves continue to fall, it is essential to your lawn’s health that you…
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Pro Tips : Late Winter Lawn Care

Posted by Canopy on January 19, 2018

You may be looking out your window and thinking ” what can I possibly do to my lawn and landscape right now?” It is true, late winter into the early spring season seem like an undesirable time to do anything with the yard. In fact, there are some critical lawn care items to take care…
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