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Pro Tips : Late Winter Lawn Care

Posted by Canopy on January 19th, 2018

You may be looking out your window and thinking ” what can I possibly do to my lawn and landscape right now?” It is true, late winter into the early spring season seem like an undesirable time to do anything with the yard. In fact, there are some critical lawn care items to take care of this time of year. Canopy Lawn Care Pro, John Deaton is sharing his best advice on how to maximize impact on your landscape right now.

Canopy Lawn Care Pro Tips: Late Winter Lawn Care

There is not much going on in the landscape this time of year,” says Deaton, “but there are a few impactful things that you can do. For example, now is the time to start thinking about proper pruning of crepe myrtles. I also recommend cutting back ornamental grass and liriope at the end of winter.”

Pruning ornamental and smaller trees right now is also beneficial says Deaton, “you should be pruning trees to shape and also remove low or unwanted limbs; this raises and helps maintain the Canopy.” In addition to this necessary seasonal pruning, Deaton also recommends taking the time to do rejuvenation pruning on trees and shrubs that have become overgrown.

John Deaton - Canopy Lawn Care Pro Tips“All of these things are important, but I believe this is also the most crucial time to plan ahead for the year!” Other late winter lawn care tips from Deaton include “applying mulch as a weed barrier before the spring weed surge is upon us, planning for changes in the lawn or landscape, such as adding irrigation zones, total renovations to outdated landscape beds, and adding new beds or plants to add color and curb appeal.”

“We are also coming up on a great window for sod installation, and plant/tree installs.”

As you can see, there is more than enough to keep you busy taking care of your lawn this time of year. We at Canopy, are grateful to have Pros like John Deaton on our team. If you need help with your winter lawn care, it would be our pleasure to serve you as a customer! You can learn more about some of the services Deaton mentions below, or just contact us for a fast, free quote!

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