When To Install Winter Mulch

Winter is a surprisingly good time to lay down a fresh layer of mulch!

When To Install Winter Mulch

Are you wondering when to mulch?

Winter can actually be the best time to mulch. Replenishing your beds during the winter season has multiple benefits that are both aesthetic and functional.

The best time to install of course depends on your geographical location and if you live in an area that receives heavy snowfall, you may not want to invest in winter mulch installation as it will be blanketed by "the white stuff" (although it still offers protective benefits.) If you live in a more moderate climate, late fall and early winter can be the best time to mulch flower beds or other landscaped areas.

What are the functional reasons for installing winter mulch?

When you replenish your beds during the late fall and early winter you are offering your plants a variety of benefits. First, you help protect them from the elements. A fresh layer of mulch can shelter the base and root system of your flowers and ornamental trees and shrubs from frost damage, this protective layer may also help prevent squirrels and other pests from digging up your tulips or other spring perennials to add to their winter stash!

What are other reasons for installing winter mulch?

After the leaves have fallen and your landscape begins to look a bit drab and dull, a fresh layer of mulch will add back a little curb appeal. Even though your grass has stopped growing and most flowers have stopped blooming, you can still create a freshly manicured look by cleaning up your beds. When our Canopy Lawn Care Pros install mulch, they always pull any weeds that may be protruding through the soil. They then finely tuck the edges around your beds, highlighting the clean lines of your new mulch.

Both hardwood mulch and pine straw offer curb appeal and functional benefits. The variety that you choose for your home's landscape ultimately depends on your personal preference as well as what types of plants you have in each area.