December 15, 2022

Why Your Lawn Needs Aeration

Why Your Lawn Needs Aeration

The time of year that your lawn will need to be aerated depends on the variety of turf grass that you may have. In Raleigh, NC and other areas of the South it is common to start hearing about aeration in the spring, summer and fall months.

You may be wondering “how could there possibly be any benefit of pulling pieces of my lawn out of the ground and leaving holes?” In fact there are several good reasons, and we have a listed a few of them below:

1. Increasing the air exchange between the soil and atmosphere

Removing plugs in your lawn loosens the soil, allowing for oxygen to reach the deeper roots of your grass. This promotes growth and grass health, as well as enabling your lawn to breathe.

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2. Enhance your soil’s water intake

With pockets in your lawn, your soil is capable of absorbing water deeper to its roots. Aeration also decreases the amount of water that can pool on the surface of your lawn by loosening the soil and allowing the water to travel deeper into the ground.

3. Increase fertilizer uptake

lawn aeration Raleigh

Aerating your lawn loosens the soil and increases its intake of nutrients and fertilizer. Lawn aeration will help you get the best out of your fertilization and weed control visits.

4. Resiliency during intense heat and drought

The deeper the water absorbs into the soil, the harder it is for it to evaporate in high heat and drought conditions. This gives the soil and root systems more water and nutrients during the driest times of year.

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