Winter Landscape Clean Up

When the winter season begins to set in, it is the ideal time to start thinking about landscape clean up and bed maintenance.

Winter Landscape Clean Up

At Canopy Lawn Care, we recommend ongoing flower bed maintenance and regular lawn care maintenance to keep your yard looking fresh throughout the year.

Time For A Bed Clean Up

After the leaves have fallen and been cleaned out of flower beds, the real clean up can begin. With much of the greenery now gone, it is easy to see weeds that need to be sprayed or hand-pulled. Now is also a great time to take care of any winter pruning that needs to be done. Cleaning up your beds this time of year is beneficial for your plants and flowers. Additionally, it is an excellent opportunity to think about spring garden preparation. This is the time to think about any new plants, trees or shrubs you want to incorporate into your garden and plan for next season. Adding quality soil amendments such as compost and manure can also give your plants a boost in the spring. Taking care of these tasks now will make sure that when spring arrives your garden is ready to go!

Flower Bed Landscaping Ideas

What worked well in your landscape this year?  Are there any new flower bed landscaping ideas would you like to try next year? Take an inventory of what you have and what flowers you may want to plant in the spring.

Canopy bed maintenance and pruning services

Once your clean up is complete and you have finished pruning, we recommend freshening up your bed areas with a new layer of mulch or pine straw. Adding more mulch this time of year will help insulate your plants and add nutrients to the soil through the winter season.