January 27, 2023

Working For an Employee-focused Landscaping Company

Canopy sets itself apart from traditional landscaping companies in many ways, including benefits and employee centered strategies.

Working For an Employee-focused Landscaping Company

Our employees always come first. Our belief here at Canopy is that we are all here to support and serve our team members and our customers. We are always looking for great new people to join our team and we thought it would be a good idea to share what it is like to work at Canopy and the benefits we offer.

Room for Growth

We are a young company and we are always growing and looking for people to join our team. As we grow there are always new openings for our team like management positions, customer support positions, etc. As we prepare for the new season, we realized we have quite a few openings. Instead of openly posting those positions to the public, we first offered the opportunity to our current team members. As we expand into new markets, we also anticipate having openings in other locations that we will offer to our current team members first. It’s a great benefit and there’s always room for growth, whether that growth is in the field, in a management role, or within our office team.

We like to offer any new positions available to our current employees. We recently sent out a listing to all our employees that listed out  new positions being offered. We always like to promote from within whenever possible!  With Canopy continuing to grow, we are always looking to hire, develop, and retain great employees to grow with us!

Meet Will--he’s been a member of Canopy since the very beginning! He started in 2015 as a Canopy Pro working out in the field. He then transitioned into the office as a Customer Support associate. Here’s what Will has to say about his time with Canopy:

“It’s been really exciting to see Canopy grow over the years, and I’m glad that I got to grow with them. I had fun out in the field, with a lot of great stories and memories, but it was nice to have the opportunity to go into the office and see the other side of how the business runs.”


We offer medical, dental, and vision insurance for all of our team members. We contribute to the monthly premium for the individual and family plans! Our health insurance also provides the ability for our team to see a teledoc so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. We also offer short-term disability and life insurance for all team members.  Short term disability will pay a percentage of your salary if you become temporarily disabled. It’s different than workers compensation insurance, and will cover you if something happens to you while you’re not at work. Life insurance is always a good thing to have in case anything, god forbid, unexpected happens to you.

Jason, a current Canopy employee, recently took advantage of seeing the Teledoc: “Being able to see a teledoc was really convenient.. I was out of town on vacation, and had no idea where I could go. It was really cool to be able to use my cellphone to get in touch with a medical professional.

HSA/Health Savings Account

Not a lot of companies offer an HSA, and we are proud to do this for our employees!

Meet Ryan, he's a current Canopy employee who just had his first child recently: “It’s great to work at a company that not only has health insurance for me, but also offers it for my wife and child. The best part about it is the HSA. It helps us save for expenses down the road, and it’s a huge benefit that everyone should take advantage of.”

What’s an HSA?

According to HealthInsurance.org: “An HSA allows you to pay lower federal income taxes by making tax-free deposits each year. Deposits to your HSA are yours to withdraw at any time to pay for medical expenses not paid by your High Deductible Health Care Plan.” An HSA is a great way to save money for future medical expenses!

Year-Round Employment

Here at Canopy we focus on year-round maintenance options for our customers. This way we can retain all of our employees year-round. We think this is crucial, and it helps us retain the best employment base possible! It also allows us to focus on training and development during the slower time of year (Winter). We believe that investing in our employees will lead to better outcomes for everyone here at Canopy as well as our customers!

Chris, a Service Manager, likes this model as well: “We have some really great people that work here, and I’m glad that we can keep them year after year instead of trying to find and train an entirely new  maintenance team. It also helps that more experienced Pros can help train the new employees and help them out on a daily basis.”

Vacations and Holidays

In addition to the benefits listed above, we also offer vacation and holiday pay to all team members. We believe in resting our bodies and minds and this time allows our team to spend more time with family and friends.

Meet John, he's a long-time Canopy Pro:

"I've been a landscaper for over 15 years and I know that it's not always easy...The fact that Canopy offers PTO is of great value to me and my family. If we want to take a trip or just spend some quality time at home, knowing it's not gonna put a dent in my wallet means a lot. That's definitely a plus!"

As we grow we are always adding new benefits. Every quarter we also survey our team to get ideas on what benefits they are looking for. We take those suggestions very seriously and are always looking to improve as we grow.

Do these benefits sound good to you? We are always looking for great people and would love to have you interview!  Check out our listings here and we will be in touch! https://www.canopylawncare.com/join/current-opportunities