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We are partnering with excellent companies and talented individuals to expand Canopy to new markets. The power of the Canopy platform coupled with your skills. Be an owner and reap the rewards, while serving customers and employees. There is nothing else like it.

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A modern approach to lawn maintenance

You focus on the work you love. We take care of the rest that you don’t.

We’ve built a platform that handles all of the painful and technical aspects of running and building a business, allowing you to focus on doing great work and clearing the hurdles that keep you from growing.

Fueled Growth
We bring new customers and employees to you, and then help you keep them through employee and customer support and automation.
Software and Technical Expertise
We’ve spent the time assembling the technology and software to run smoothly so you don’t have to burn time and money
Say Good-Bye to Office Work
From billing and payments to payroll, HR, accounting and expense management, we’ve taken it all off of your plate.

How it Works

In a nutshell, we take care of the “office” stuff and you take care of the “field” stuff. In other words, boring stuff = us and fun stuff = you. Let’s break it down.

Boring Stuff (we do)

  • Website management and updates
  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Direct mail and print ad campaigns
  • Remote quoting and sales
  • Remote customer service and support
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Accounts payable management
  • Monthly account reconciliation
  • Employee recruiting
  • Employee screening and background checks
  • Remote virtual interviewing
  • Scheduling adjustments
  • Customer communication
  • Running payroll
  • Managing human resources

Fun Stuff (you do)

  • Working outside on customer properties
  • Building relationships with customers
  • Managing and developing your team
  • Creating the weekly schedule for your team
  • Maintaining your fleet and equipment

We remotely take care of sales and support with our experienced team of professionals.

Expand your existing business or start a new one, what works for you?

We are selectively looking for the best partners we can find, who are fanatical about quality and determined to be successful. Got what it takes?

The pillars of our solution.

We’ve done the challenging work of setting up the systems and technology to effectively run and grow a lawn maintenance business. Now you get to spend more time doing what you love.

Integrated Systems

We’ve taken a constellation of vetted point solutions and leveraged technology to achieve a seamless workflow. Information and functionality is shared and utilized across the platform to help drive efficiency and margins. The result? A field tested and approved rock solid framework.

Operational Platform

From customer account set up and management to scheduling, route optimization, work order creation and completion, this is field service management made easy. The platform includes invoice creation, mobile app for field units, and built in customer feedback.

Communication Hub

Our platform utilizes a unified inbox, meaning all texts, emails, phone calls, live chats, and social media messaging come into one location. All of these channels are actively monitored and responded to by our team, which means customers and vendors are responded to in industry setting standards.

Process Database

We’ve documented best practices in a searchable database that allows you to find and share step by step processes and checklists. This is one more way that we empower our partners to deliver consistent results, gain efficiency, and hit their goals with less friction.

Field Performance Metrics

Most landscape maintenance operators will use a combination of spreadsheets, QuickBooks reports, and service software reports to try and get some kind of performance insights. We’ve integrated all of our tools into one platform, where our partners can see at a glance how they are doing in key areas.

Field Ops Best Practices

If you want consistent results and happy customers then you have to have standard operating procedures. Moreover, it’s not enough just to have them, you’ve got to have the system to get buy in and compliance from your team. We’ve mapped out the gameplan, all you need to do is follow it.

Innovative Engagement

For us, creativity isn’t limited to just how we market ourselves to the public. It’s also embedded in our employee development and engagement. From Seed to Lead to our own gamified work week, we’re pushing the boundaries of how to creatively interact with our team.

Established Brand

Talk to anyone in the business world and they’ll tell you the value of a strong, established brand. The more visible and awareness your brand has, the more growth momentum you get. Our partners benefit from a professional and trustworthy brand, which is another competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Smart Marketing

Our version of marketing is results focused. We don’t report on vanity metrics, we focus on generating qualified leads through a mix of inbound and outbound tactics that we have spent the last decade honing. From efficient PPC campaigns to trackable post cards, we’ve got the tools to produce results.

Expert Consultations

One of the best things about our system is that our partners are not in business alone. With monthly webinars and virtual meetings our partners have access to the original platform architects as well as partner peer meetings and QA, our partners have access to years of experience.

Learning Management System

An integrated learning management system is the way to develop employees and increase their knowledge and performance. Plus, by mapping specific courses to different field ranks we make it clear that learning and getting better is the key to advancement at Canopy.

Industry Knowledge Base

We are constantly adding to our industry knowledge base, accessible by everyone in the organization. From plant I.D. and characteristics to mulch types and traits, we have built a comprehensive resource to help everyone at Canopy level up on their landscaping knowledge.

Worry less.

Did you start your business because you love working on financial models, spreadsheets, and digital marketing campaigns? Probably not. You probably started it because you love landscaping. Our platform allows you to focus on the part you love, and leave the rest to us. We’ve already done the work of choosing & vetting the software tools. We manage the tech stack so you can manage your business.

Think about it, instead of running payroll, interviewing prospective employees, and all of the other things that tie up your time, you’re actually managing your team and making sure that you are delivering on your promise to your customers of providing great service.

Grow your business.

It’s hard to run a great business, let alone grow it, especially if you are trying to do everything yourself or with a small team. By partnering with Canopy we will help you grow your business, the better you do the better we do, so we are more incentivized to help you grow than traditional franchise models or client vendor relationships.

And our solution focuses on exactly what you need for growth, adding and keeping customers and the employees to service them, plus supporting those efforts through automation, technology, and human resources.

Get support.

If you’ve been going it alone you know how difficult it is to run a business. Canopy isn’t just a collection of services, it’s also the operational best practices, business and financial strategies, and branding and the access to the marketing, business, technology, and field services professionals from the team that built the platform.

‍More than that, it is access to the strategic insights and people that brought all of that together. Have a question about your labor as a percent of revenue? Route optimization and a four day work week? We’ve got answers.

Our Deliverables

We do all of the sales, marketing, and customer support, and that’s just the beginning.
“Canopy has been a great growth partner, because of our partnership they are just as invested as we are in our success.”

From actual lead generation (not just a lot of marketing promises) to sales conversion and pipeline management we have your customer growth covered, including digital marketing, customer onboarding and service agreement creation, signing, and storage.

“Just the automatic communication piece would make this worth it. ”

Getting new customers is one thing, but keeping them is something altogether different. We’ve got the customer support, customer experience automation, and technology-driven customer automation that keeps customers around longer and reduce churn, putting more dollars in your pocket.

“I used to spend about 10 hours a week on this piece of my business, between posting jobs, reviewing applicants, and conducting interviews, (half of which were no-shows. This has been a gamechanger for us.”

Smart business owners know you can’t grow your business without growing your team. We do the recruiting, phone screens, virtual interviews, and background checks to deliver pre-qualified candidates to you, signed, sealed, and delivered.

“The Canopy Landscaping League is like fantasy football for landscapers, my team loves it and I love the results that it drives.”

Landscaping and landscape maintenance can be a grind, so we’ve implemented clear career paths for advancement, made each week a fun competition, and layered it all on top of best in class human resource support and engagement.

“The analytics are awesome. I know exactly where I stand in terms of my labor expenses vs revenue, our sales, and churn, all at a glance.”

Our field operations support ensures that you and your team have the resources they need to succeed. From scheduling assistance to enhancement coordination support and performance analytics, you’ll be in the informed driver’s seat on the road to success.

“I LOVE not having to worry about this part of my business. I just work with my team and keep my customers happy, which was why I got into this business in the first place.”

We take care of the financials, from receivables (and collections) and expense management and accounts payable to payroll, HR, and accounting services, you get to let go of the paperwork and focus on the part of the business you love best.

How is this different from franchising?

Great question! Franchises are good solutions for some people and businesses, but we’ve taken the concept of franchising one step further. By expanding the scope of platform deliverables we can deliver more value than a traditional model, and with aligned incentives we’ve created a win-win situation where everyone benefits.

Traditional Franchise

• Branding

• Systems

• National Marketing

• Operational Software

Canopy Platform

• Branding

• Systems

• National and Local Marketing

• Operational Software

• Dedicated Sales & Marketing Team

• Dedicated Customer and Field Support Team

• Employee Recruiting and Onboarding

• Accounts Receivable Management

• Expense Management

• Payroll and HR Management

• Accounting Services

• Market Performance Analytics

Healthy Culture = Happy Team

Good leaders and business owners know that a healthy culture makes managing your team easier, helps everyone enjoy their time at work more, and reduces expensive employee and customer churn. That’s why we share not only our values but specific actions you can take to ensure your culture is rock solid. From weekly training sessions to our secret weapon fantasy landscaping league, we’ve got the tools to help you build a great culture at your Canopy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So how does this work?
We set up a new LLC in your market. You become the majority owner, we become the minority owner. For an existing business, you contribute all assets, customers, and employees required to run the business. You run the business, we support the business. We’ll take a partnership approach to big decisions. We create a healthy, thriving business that creates opportunities for employees, and serves customers well.
Is this a franchise?
It is very much like a franchise, except simpler and less complicated. Technically it falls under franchise law as a “fractional franchise”, qualified by you being in the industry for one year or more.
What if I don’t have a business?
We are happy to discuss. At this time our focus is on partnering with existing businesses and helping them grow faster, make better margins, reduce headaches, solve problems they are experiencing, and create more opportunities for their teams. Starting a new market from scratch will require a capital contribution and a touch more complexity up front. But at the end of the day, we are looking for great partners whether you have an existing business or not.
What type of business do I need to have?
Companies that are a great fit include: residential maintenance, residential installation, lawn care, irrigation, pest control, commercial maintenance, etc. You don’t need to have a residential maintenance or lawn care component of your business, but it is preferred. We can build that. But having existing operations accelerates the curve of our growth.
What size does my business need to be to qualify?
We are willing to discuss opportunities where there isn’t a business at all, or there is a business in one of the above segments that doesn’t have residential maintenance yet. Ideally there is a base of business of around $500K revenue.
Is there additional marketing spend?
Your marketing spend is built into our partnership structure, so there will be no additional spend unless you choose- or your growth goal exceeds our parameters. Our objective is to achieve 15% net growth year over year. If you want to grow faster than that, great- but you’ll need to increase your budget for direct marketing spend to make that happen.
What are the start up costs?
When an existing residential maintenance or lawn care business is present, start up costs are minimal. Through our programs the additional capital required is very small, and we’re happy to walk you through that. If we are talking about building a market from scratch, an investment will be required.
Who is responsible for the day-to-day operations?
We will rely on you, our partner, for the daily oversight of the business. Our job is to give you the plan and tools and make your life as simple as possible, so that you are caring for customers and empowering employees. We handle the rest.
How are marketing decisions made?
We have deep experience in high-growth digital and print marketing, and have a battle-tested approach for how we generate leads. That said, you have specific local knowledge that is valuable to us. Therefore we like to take a partnering approach to the marketing strategy. Our strategy, with your input.
What services do you provide?
Our core focus is on residential maintenance, and layering on lawn care (or turf care as we like to call it), enhancements (smaller projects for maintenance customers), and irrigation maintenance. We sub out or partner on larger projects, irrigation installation, etc. We are also big fans of robotic mowing, which we consider part of our residential maintenance solution. We do not do any commercial, except for an HOA that wants to offer maintenance to all of their homeowners.
What are the exit options?
Selling a small business with its own brand can be tough. Valuations are low and buyer pools are small. As part of Canopy, the business will be worth more, which is why we participate in ownership. We want to drive value together. We would serve as your first opportunity to sell, or you would have the right to sell to someone else. Being part of the Canopy brand and system will increase the value of the business as well as the number of buyers interested.
Can some or all of the employees participate in ownership and / or profit sharing?
We believe strongly in creating opportunities for the teams. Creating a career path, and the ability to participate in profits and ownership are great ways to build and keep an excellent team. We have programs for both of these to happen, and highly value this desire in our partners as well.
What are the other benefits of partnering with Canopy?
We have invested considerable time and money in addressing all the needs of your company, including: leasing programs for all vehicles and equipment to keep capital needs and cost low; insurance programs to cover all needs, and by all being part of one company we get better rates; purchasing power on supplies and materials to keep costs low; employee benefits such as health, dental, vision, life, disability, etc. as a group again to get better rates.

“Knowledgeable, professional, and excellent service. Everything you could hope for in a lawn care service and more. Thank you guys for everything that you do!”

Jonathan H., Cary, North Carolina