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Year-round lawn mowing, leaf clean up, & property maintenance, made easy!

EasyLawn™ is a new and exciting way to provide landscape maintenance, including mowing, edging, trimming, and clean up. EasyLawn™ is a year-round subscription, so your landscape will be cared for in all four seasons by professional landscapers, giving you a great lawn and more free time to spend on it!

See what’s included in this package

It’s all about flexibility.

With EverCut™ Flex you choose between adding bi-weekly maintenance OR year-round turf care to your robotic mowing plan. See details below to see which plan fits your needs the best.

What’s included in your subscription?

Lawn Mowing Service

Canopy lawn mowing packages offer homeowners convenience and go beyond simple grass cutting to help you maximize the health of your lawn. Our mowing service is a core element in our essential landscape maintenance.

Bed Maintenance & Care

We will remove or spray for weeds in all of your landscape beds, including pesky weeds growing in and between your shrubs and flowers. A well-maintained flower or shrub bed is an essential complement to your whole landscape.

Lawn Edging & Trimming

We’ll make sure that wherever the grass meets the road or any hard surfaces you’ve got crisply edged margins. A clean edge is a signature component of a well maintained property, and is a great-looking aspect of your landscaping.

Property Blowing & Clean Up

We use professional grade leaf blowers to clean all hard surfaces (your driveway, sidewalks, walkways) to make sure that all grass clippings and debris are removed from these areas, giving your property a clean look, all year long.

Leaf Clean Up Service

You could spend your weekends raking the lawn this fall, but you don't have to. With our leaf removal service (included in all of our maintenance subscriptions) we’ll make sure that the leaves are off your hard surfaces & turf on a regular basis.

Winter Property Maintenance

Just because your grass stopped growing doesn’t mean your property stops needing care! During the winter we visit to clean up dead leaves & debris and dormant growth on herbaceous perennials, keeping your property looking tidy all year long.

How much does this package cost?

Your property is unique, just like you. Your price may change based on things like the number of hardwood trees or the amount of hard surfaces you have. Give us a call  at 919-249-6670 or send us the form on this page and we’ll give you your exact price, with no obligation on your part.
$229 per month
2,500 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (about a 1/4 acre lot)
2,500 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (about a 1/4 acre lot)
2,500 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (about a 1/4 acre lot)
2,500 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (about a 1/4 acre lot)
5,000 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (about a 1/2 acre lot)
7,500 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (about a 3/4 acre lot)
10,000 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (about a 1 acre lot)
15,000 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (more than 1 acres)
$259 per month
$289 per month
$359 per month
$569 per month

You’re just a couple of clicks away from discovering your price!

We just need some information about your property to provide you with your free quote! In most cases we can accurately measure your property remotely using satellite imagery. Don’t worry about your information, we will never sell or share it with a third party!
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Canopy have been managing my lawn care for the past 9 months and have been doing a fantastic job. I just had them replace all my pine-straw and re-mulch all my beds to get ready for the spring and they did a great job.
Ian F.
The Canopy team is terrific. Helps make the yard a joy and many extra hands to put it at its best. Helpful as we’ve had done erratic weather patterns -dry wet hot cold outside of the areas usual!! Appreciate expertise and communication!!!
Kathryn A.
Consistently arrive on schedule and always alert of any weather-related delays. Staff is always courteous, eager to answer questions and true professionals in their field. We have used about three other providers in the past, and have now found our go-to.
Michael P.
Absolutely love the service and professionalism provided by our lawncare team. Highly recommend their well priced full service package!
Kate E.
It is a pleasure to come home and see that your yard chores have been done and Canopy does really nice work. They let you know when they are coming and send a report after. They are responsive when you have a question or special request. The professionals who take care of your yard are well trained and personable. My yard did not look like this when I left this morning!
Sharon C.

Like what you see, but worried about Covid-19?

We understand. These are scary times for all of us. If you need to wait to make a decision about your lawn maintenance this year due to economic uncertainty around the Coronavirus impact, then complete this simple form and we’ll hold your place, no obligation whatsoever.
Thank you! Your place has been reserved! Please contact us with any questions you may have, and please stay safe!
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We have limited availability, so reserve your place now and we’ll reach out when things have calmed down a bit and give you one less thing to worry about this year.

Why this makes sense for you.

If you’re here it’s probably because of one of a few reasons; you either don’t have the time to work on your yard, you don’t like working on it, or you just can’t manage it these days. That’s ok, because we have the time and desire to take care of it for you! Here are a few reasons it makes sense to let us help you with your property…
You’ll save precious time in your life.

There are only so many hours during the week, and especially on the weekend! When we take care of your property you gain precious time back in your life, and time is the one thing that you can’t make more of. How much is your time worth?

You’ll have more peace of mind.

You’ve got a million things to worry about, how nice is it to have a low friction, reliable service to take one of them off your plate? Take a deep breath and relax. The only thing you need to do with your lawn now is enjoy it.

Your lawn will be properly cared for.

If you’ve self-performed lawn care in the past you know it can be tricky. How often should you mow, is it time for fertilizer, how much and what kind? What about weed killer? With Canopy you can relax and let us take care of everything.

You’ll get the results you are looking for.

You’re the type of person who cares about how your lawn and property looks. Your home is a big investment and you want your lawn and landscape to complement your home. With Canopy you can rely on a plan that will deliver great results.

One flat and consistent rate.

With our flat, monthly subscription models you will enjoy a consistent rate all year long. Our packages are more inclusive than other landscaping providers, which means you’ll benefit from less friction points throughout the year!

You’ll know what’s happening 24/7.

From our pre-service text messages to our post-service summaries complete with photos and notes, you’ll receive regular and comprehensive communication regarding your property and the  services we are providing.

Upgrade your package with pruning!

Ensure your shrubs, ornamentals, and small trees are in great shape year-round with our Plus (pruning) option. We’ll create a custom pruning plan based on the unique plants on your property and evaluate and prune as needed on a monthly basis. We’ll make sure that your plants are pruned at the proper time of year and in alignment with horticultural best practices. When you upgrade to Plus we simply evaluate what your annual pruning needs are with an on-site assessment and add the additional amount to your EasyLawn™, TotalLawn™, or PremierLawn™ monthly subscription amount.

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Have questions about this service?

What kind of lawn mowers do you use?

At Canopy we use walk behind mowers, stand on mowers, as well as push mowers to mow our customer’s properties. We use the right mower for the job, many times smaller areas do not permit the larger mowers access, this is when we use the smaller push mowers.

Do you come on the weekends?

We do our best to not work on your lawn and landscape on the weekends, but sometimes we will have to visit your property on a Saturday, based on weather or scheduling. We try to allow you to enjoy your lawn as much as possible on the weekends, also we like to hang out with our family and friends on the weekends ourselves!

Why do you bill monthly?

For a couple reasons, one, it makes it easier for you to budget (rather than per visit). Second, you’re paying one flat, affordable rate for top shelf lawn care and maintenance from professionals. And third, it removes any scheduling or service irregularity from your mind. You know that when you are on a monthly plan with Canopy that we’ve got your lawn covered.

How do you price your subscriptions?

We estimate the time and materials it will take to properly service your property based on lawn size, landscape bed size, and your leaf clean up needs for the year, then divide that amount by 12 to give you a convenient, flat monthly rate.

How often will you service my property on the EasyLawn™ plan?

We will average 47 property visits and services over the course of the calendar year, or about once every 7 days. Each visit includes landscape maintenance like bed and hard surface clean up. In the growing season we will be visiting weekly, and then a little less frequently in the winter when your property doesn’t need quite as much attention. Your service may be started mid season, so give us a call when you are ready to get started!

What if we are in a drought?

We will continue to service your property. However, we will not mow your turf if it is under extreme stress. We will continue to treat any weeds, until the daytime temperature reaches 90 degrees.

What is your commitment/guarantee?

We guarantee 100% satisfaction for our customers. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with the service you receive. If you are not happy with the service you received, we will do everything in our power to make it right. If you are still unsatisfied with our work, we will refund the amount of your last visit. It’s that simple!

What is a Site Visit?

If you have a question or concern regarding your property’s condition, please call Canopy and we will schedule a free Site Visit to meet you on your property, if needed, to address your concerns.

How much water does my lawn need?

We recommend you water at a minimum, 20 minutes a zone. This is to promote a strong root system. You should water early in the morning during the summer months, once or twice a week to supply adequate water to the system. If you're unsure, a good rule of thumb is that your lawn should 1" of water perweek. However, when your turf is dormant, you should lightly water to prevent the large areas drying out and possibly dying.

What if it rains?

We work diligently to complete all services on your scheduled day. If we do have a rain event that leads to a rescheduling, you will be notified via email and/or text. This notification will let you know your new service day.

Who will be servicing my property?

Your Canopy Pro is a full time Canopy Lawn Care team member that has completed rigorous company training and continuing education through our own Canopy University.

How do I know my lawn is being mowed at the proper height?

We follow horticultural best practices for each type of turf in our service areas: All Bermudagrass – 2.5″ or as low as our mowers will go, Centipede and Zoysiagrass – 2.5″ or as low as our mowers will go, Tall Fescue: 3.5″-4.5″. We will avoid scalping the turf. This will damage the crown, which is the main growing point of the plant and we mulch your grass clippings, as this helps return nutrients to the turfgrass system.

Do I need to be home for this service?

There is no need for you to be home while your lawn is serviced as all of the work takes place outside your home.

What do I need to do in preparation for this service?

We ask that you clear your lawn of any toys, furniture, or other items on scheduled days. As well as unlock any gates/access points, and keep your pets inside.

“Knowledgeable, professional, and excellent service. Everything you could hope for in a lawn care service and more. Thank you guys for everything that you do!”

Jonathan H., Cary, North Carolina