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Looking for a low friction way to get a robotic lawn mower on your property?

EverCut™ is the turn key robotic mowing solution from Canopy Lawn Care that takes the worry out of purchasing, installing, and maintaining your smart lawn solution. With EverCut™ you get to enjoy coming home to a freshly cut lawn, every day!

See what’s included in this package

It’s all about flexibility.

With EverCut™ Flex you choose between adding bi-weekly maintenance OR year-round turf care to your robotic mowing plan. See details below to see which plan fits your needs the best.

What’s included in your subscription?

Robotic Mower Installation

Enjoy a low impact, quiet, and amazing lawn mowing solution with a professionally installed Husqvarna automower from Canopy Lawn Care. You’re going to love the future of lawn maintenance with Canopy!

Robot Mowing Support

Includes system troubleshooting and monitoring. We will remotely monitor your unit to ensure it is operating properly. In addition we will perform visual inspections and regularly change the mowing blades of your robot mower.

Our custom rotational focus approach.

Our unique Lawn Care Rotation System starts with a comprehensive full property service on your first and second visits. After that, we will provide the same core services on each visit, with a special emphasis on one aspect of your property maintenance each week.

Here’s how it works; each visit we will:

Ensure your lawn is the proper height for your turf type, mowing if appropriate.
Inspect and manage landscaping beds for weeds and appearance.
Assess your turf health and weed pressure for future treatments.
Ensure your lawn is clean and free of debris by sanitizing your property.
Ensure all hard surfaces are clean and free of debris using pro-grade blowers.
Knock on your door to see if you have any questions or concerns.

Plus, on your rotation day, we will do one of the following:

On this Focus Rotation Day we personalize your service experience by making your priority our priority. All of our customers and properties are different and should be treated as such. Our goal is to use this focus day to ensure we take care of what is most important to you on your specific property.
On your Lawn and Plant Health Focus day we emphasize any weeds in your desired turf area, by spot spraying them as needed. The result is reduced weed pressure over time, and increased, dense, and healthy turf. For customers who receive pruning as a service we will also inspect plants for areas that need to be pruned and manicured.
On this Focus Rotation Day we pay special attention to the boundary edges of your landscape, where your turf meets hard surfaces like your driveway, patio, and walkways as well as your landscaping beds. We use hard edgers to ensure crisp edges, resulting in a sharp, well defined landscape.‍
On your Landscape Bed Focus Day we zero in on your maintained beds, treating or pulling any weeds as well as removing debris in the form of dead branches and leaves. We’ll also rake back mulch and make sure pine straw is tucked in. The result? Great looking, clean beds that will have your property looking amazing.

How much does this package cost?

Your property is unique, just like you. Your price may change based on things like the number of hardwood trees or the amount of hard surfaces you have. Give us a call  at 919-249-6670 or send us the form on this page and we’ll give you your exact price, with no obligation on your part.
$169 per month
2,500 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (about a 1/4 acre lot)
2,500 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (about a 1/4 acre lot)
2,500 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (about a 1/4 acre lot)
2,500 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (about a 1/4 acre lot)
5,000 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (about a 1/2 acre lot)
7,500 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (about a 3/4 acre lot)
10,000 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (about a 1 acre lot)
15,000 Sq. Ft. of Lawn (more than 1 acres)
$179 per month
$189 per month
$199 per month
$209 per month
discover your custom price for free!

How is our turf care program different?

Canopy is the innovative company that offers comprehensive best-in-class landscape maintenance from turf care to maintenance, using an eco-friendly, scientific, and tech-enabled approach to provide a great experience for our customers. Proudly based in North Carolina.
Eco Friendly
Focusing on the soil environment with biological beneficials allows us to use less chemicals over time to maintain the health and beauty of your lawn. The healthier your turf is, the less weed pressure you will see, and the less we need to apply herbicides.
Convenient for You
Our goal is a low friction experience for you. That means remote, no schedule quoting, monitored livechat and text for responsive communication as well as predictable billing, where we add up the annual cost of your plan and divide it by 12 for easy monthly pricing.
A Modern Approach
Canopy uses technology to create a better experience for you. From our remote, artificial intelligence-driven quoting that allows you to get your price in less than two minutes to our scientific approach to lawn care, we have you covered.
* Battery handheld equipment is not available in all areas, but we are always upgrading our equipment, so check with us to see if your area is eligible. Robotic mowers are available for all full service maintenance customers as mowing options.

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Canopy have been managing my lawn care for the past 9 months and have been doing a fantastic job. I just had them replace all my pine-straw and re-mulch all my beds to get ready for the spring and they did a great job.
Ian F.
The Canopy team is terrific. Helps make the yard a joy and many extra hands to put it at its best. Helpful as we’ve had done erratic weather patterns -dry wet hot cold outside of the areas usual!! Appreciate expertise and communication!!!
Kathryn A.
Consistently arrive on schedule and always alert of any weather-related delays. Staff is always courteous, eager to answer questions and true professionals in their field. We have used about three other providers in the past, and have now found our go-to.
Michael P.
Absolutely love the service and professionalism provided by our lawncare team. Highly recommend their well priced full service package!
Kate E.
It is a pleasure to come home and see that your yard chores have been done and Canopy does really nice work. They let you know when they are coming and send a report after. They are responsive when you have a question or special request. The professionals who take care of your yard are well trained and personable. My yard did not look like this when I left this morning!
Sharon C.

Package Add On Options

Our most popular add on options include robotic mowing in lieu of traditional, irrigation maintenance, and rejuvenative pruning. To get your price on any of these add ons simply click on the service in the form below or mention it to your Canopy consultant when you reach out!

Eco-friendly Robotic Mowing

We offer robotic mowing as an option on all of our full service plans for the same monthly price, plus the cost of installation. We can provide a free assessment of your property to let you know if it is a good candidate for an autonomous system. Installation costs start at $500.

Irrigation Maintenance

If you have a sprinkler system then you’ll love our irrigation maintenance add on service. We’ll inspect and start up your system in the spring, offer expedited repairs during the year, and shut down and winterize your backflow in the winter. Pricing starts at $19 per month.

Rejuvenative Pruning

Your property will look exceptional with year round, rejuvenative pruning. We will proactively prune on an appropriate horticultural schedule. Because each property is so unique we quote pruning after a full property review by one of our professional landscapers.

Why this makes sense for you.

If you’re here it’s probably because of one of a few reasons; you either don’t have the time to work on your yard, you don’t like working on it, or you just can’t manage it these days. That’s ok, because we have the time and desire to take care of it for you! Here are a few reasons it makes sense to let us help you with your property…
You’ll save precious time in your life.

There are only so many hours during the week, and especially on the weekend! When we take care of your property you gain precious time back in your life, and time is the one thing that you can’t make more of. How much is your time worth?

You’ll have more peace of mind.

You’ve got a million things to worry about, how nice is it to have a low friction, reliable service to take one of them off your plate? Take a deep breath and relax. The only thing you need to do with your lawn now is enjoy it.

Your lawn will be properly cared for.

If you’ve self-performed lawn care in the past you know it can be tricky. How often should you mow, is it time for fertilizer, how much and what kind? What about weed killer? With Canopy you can relax and let us take care of everything.

You’ll get the results you are looking for.

You’re the type of person who cares about how your lawn and property looks. Your home is a big investment and you want your lawn and landscape to complement your home. With Canopy you can rely on a plan that will deliver great results.

One flat and consistent rate.

With our flat, monthly subscription models you will enjoy a consistent rate all year long. Our packages are more inclusive than other landscaping providers, which means you’ll benefit from less friction points throughout the year!

You’ll know what’s happening 24/7.

From our pre-service text messages to our post-service summaries complete with photos and notes, you’ll receive regular and comprehensive communication regarding your property and the  services we are providing.

Have questions about this service?

Is Robotic Mowing Good for the Environment?

Your automower... its electric (boogie woogie woogie), which makes it better for the environment than standard gas-powered mowers. This also equals no emissions, so you can feel your carbon footprint going down!

How Long Does it Take for the Mower to Charge?

On average about 3 hours.

Why Shouldn't I Purchase and Install a Robotic Mower Myself?

We take care of everything, from the initial set up to the yearly maintenance, and everything in between. We take all the work and worry away from you! As professionals, you can rest assured that the mower is set up correctly, and will be maintained properly. In addition, if anything needs to be fixed, addressed, or repaired, that’s on us, not you! Plus, one of the best parts is that we take all the startup costs on us, and you are only responsible for one easy monthly payment.

My Neighbor and I Would Like to Share an Automower, is that Possible?

We love sharing! But unfortunately this cannot apply to automowers, as there are too many factors that may come into play (what if your neighbor moves? What if you move?). We keep it simple, one automower per property.

What Happens if I Sell my Home or Move?

You simply leave the mower as is and we take care of picking it up! There is a 2-year commitment period, and a $500 early cancellation fee which would apply for anything under 2 years.

How Many Hours Per Day Does it Actually Run?

This will vary per property, but the automower runs until it either has done its job for the day, or it needs to be re-charged. We set a window of time (can be 0-24 hours), and the robot will work, if needed, only during that window of time.

What Happens if the Automower is Stolen?

We will be able to locate the mower using the GPS tracker and the mower will not work without the PIN code. The PIN code is specific to each mower and prevents the mower from functioning when not used in conjunction with your installation.

How do We Maintain Robotic Mowers?

We will utilize the Fleet Services App from Husqvarna to monitor the units for any issues and address them as they arise. In addition we will utilize the app to coordinate scheduled maintenance like replacing mowing blades and other basic maintenance. We will also plan on winterizing units in order to provide annual maintenance.

How do We Sell and Install Robotic Mowers?

We will evaluate your property and create a custom installation plan that is specific to the unique attributes of your landscape. We will identify any potential trouble areas that would make it difficult for the robotic mower to operate and make recommendations to you to address those issues. Landscaping modifications to accommodate an autonomous mowing system are not included in your EverCut subscription and will be quoted separately. Once your property is approved and the installation plan has been created we will schedule an installation date. Our trained and experienced team of professionals will perform your robotic mowing system installation. This includes the placing of boundary wires, the installation of the charging station, and the laying of home guide wires. These are typically buried and out of site, in some cases, however, you may be able to see a wire when burial is not feasible. After our team confirms the mower is operating as expected we closely monitor the system via our remote monitoring software for the next two weeks. During this time it is not unusual for the robot mower to get stuck or even go out of bounds. As we identify these issues we will make adjustments to your system to address them. After this fine-tuning period we will continue to monitor your system for any and all issues and address them accordingly. If you elect to subscribe to EverCut™ Pro a team of trained and insured Canopy professional landscapers will service your property every other week. During these service visits they will visually inspect your robotic mower for any issues as well as perform EverCut™ Pro landscape maintenance, which includes edging and trimming of turf, bed maintenance, leaf clean up, and the blowing of hard surfaces so that they are free of debris and the like. If you would like turf care as well as professional maintenance then simply subscribe to our EverCut™ Premium service, where you will have a dedicated turf care team performing seven treatments over the course of the year. These treatments include turf fertilization, weed control, and amendments. In addition your lawn will be aerated and seeded annually.

Why Should a Consumer Subscribe to EverCut rather than DIY?

We create a custom installation plan professional install your system, provide top of the line automowers, troubleshoot and resolve issues perform annual maintenance, offer maintenance and turf care, take care of any warranty issues, take care of theft and damage, and monitor the robot daily. If you were to do this yourself you would pay upfront for the device and install on your own, maintenance and theft would be your responsibility. Let our EverCut service be a convenience to you and give us a call today to learn more.

What are the Consumer Benefits of Robotic Mowing?

More Cost Effective - We’ve priced our packages to make them attractive to any budget. Though the robotic mowers themselves cost thousands of dollars, by offering this as a service you can enjoy the benefits of autonomous lawn mowing without the expensive price tag. More Environmentally Friendly - Because our robotic lawn mowers are battery powered they generate zero emissions. By comparison operating a traditional lawn mower for one hours emits as much pollution as driving a Toyota Camry for 300 miles, or 5 hours at 60 miles per hour. Better Results - Since the robotic mower operates daily it cuts a tiny amount of grass each day, returning smaller micro clippings to the turf. These tiny bits of grass are more easily broken down into nutrients that help sustain the soil and turf. Quieter - The autonomous mower is nearly soundless, meaning it won’t disrupt you or your neighbors from enjoying the day or working from home. Say goodbye to interrupting your baby’s nap or crashing your home based conference call. More Convenient & Reliable - Your robot lawn mower is set up to mow every day, which means you won’t have to worry about your traditional lawn maintenance team getting overbooked or carving out time to do it yourself on your already packed weekend. Looks Great, Every Day - With EverCut™ your lawn will always look freshly cut. No more growing to unseemly heights, you’ll enjoy coming home each and every day to a lawn that is always the same height. And who doesn’t want a constant state of lawn perfection?‍

Why Does Robotic Mowing Make Sense for Canopy?

We feel like this market segment has the potential for explosive growth. According to researchers at MarketWatch “The global robotic lawn mower market size is expected to reach values of approximately $3 billion by 2023, growing at an impressive CAGR of around 15% 2017–2023.” We want to be on the cutting edge of this growth. In addition, by offering bi-weekly maintenance we can basically double our capacity for EverCut™ Pro subscriptions, which makes for an attractive model from a margin perspective.

Why Husqvarna?

Husqvarna is the global leader in autonomous mowers. They entered the robotic mowing market in 1996 and have the most mature and reliable product on the market today as a result. Husqvarna has a strong, well respected brand on both global and national levels, having been founded in 1689 (originally as a rifle factory) and growing over the years to include a variety of product lines. Today, Husqvarna is known for its manufacturing of chainsaws, trimmers, brushcutters, cultivators, tractors, and mowers.

What is Robotic Mowing? How Does it Work?

EverCut™ is an autonomous mowing robot service provided by Canopy Lawn Care. Once it is properly installed it will mow the lawn on a near continuous basis using a proprietary safe blade system. It is perfectly safe for pets and children, and has built in theft protection. We are offering this as a foundational service moving forward. In addition we are offering EverCut™ Pro, which includes bi-weekly maintenance, and EverCut™ Premium, which includes bi-weekly maintenance plus our turf care program.

What does the mower do in inclement weather?

While the mower is designed to work in wet and rainy situations, if the weather is extreme we suggest moving the mower inside until the weather subsides.

Is it safe for children and pets?

The automowers are very safe for children and pets. If anything bumps against the auto mower or picks it up, it will automatically shut off. Additionally, the blade is encased underneath the mower and is set well within the shell of the automower. It would be very difficult to get hurt with the auto mower!

How does it know where to go?

We lay guide wires around your property to guide the automower around beds, trees, hard surfaces, etc.

Is it noisy?

Not at all, it is actually very quiet! It is ideal for people that work from home, have children taking naps, pets that don’t like noise, or anything else that benefits from low-volume mowing.

Will daily mowing make my allergies worse?

No. The mowing is typically completed when you are not using the yard and because the grass is cut frequently, it remains short enough to keep plant allergens from being released into the air.

Why does it cut in a random pattern?

Cutting in a random pattern allows the automower to evenly cut all turf areas. Additionally, this random pattern prevents ruts and ridges.

Is it affordable?

Yes! Due to logistics, the automower is more affordable than a manual lawn care service because we don’t have to transport, unload and reload the mower weekly.

Am I responsible for the maintenance of my robo-mower?

No. We have packaged our robotic-mowing packages to include maintenance and repairs through our business relationship.

Is automowing healthy for my lawn?

Yes! In fact, since the grass is cut so frequently the clippings are very small and are left in the lawn to be used as a nutrient to promote greener, healthier, thicker grass.

May I use an automower if parts of my yard have moss?

Yes! The automower cuts continuously and you may even notice that the moss disappears and healthy grass grows in its place.

“Knowledgeable, professional, and excellent service. Everything you could hope for in a lawn care service and more. Thank you guys for everything that you do!”

Jonathan H., Cary, North Carolina