Salt Lake City Comprehensive Tree & Shrub Care

Transform your Salt Lake City property with Canopy Lawn Care's cutting-edge tree and shrub care services. Our skilled tree and shrub care is the foundation for maintaining the health and vigor of your landscape while providing defense against diseases. Explore a wide array of services, including fertilization, growth regulators, soil testing and adjustment, and more – all meticulously designed to enhance the health of your trees and shrubs. 

Our expert team of experienced technicians brings extensive expertise to each evaluation, crafting a personalized tree and shrub care plan tailored to the unique vegetation on your property. Canopy Lawn Care takes pride in delivering comprehensive tree and shrub care, elevating your Salt Lake City property to stand out in the area.

Custom-tailored care plans for your Salt Lake City trees & shrubs

How it works

Root Fertilization

By applying root zone fertilization treatments in the spring and fall, we can help your plants reach their full growth potential. Benefiting from essential nutrients, they will be able to display lush greenery and vibrant flowers like never before!

Tree and Shrub Monitoring

Each visit your Canopy technician will inspect your trees and shrubs for potential disease and other plant health issues. Our specialized service is tailored to fit your needs and keep your plants looking healthy, lush, and vibrant all year round!

Plant Growth Inhibitor

You may not always want your plants to grow! Utilizing plant growth inhibitors can be essential in maintaining plants at a specific size and shape, as well as regulating fruit production. They can also be used to prevent the growth of nuisance weeds and invasive species.

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