5 Reasons To Install Pre-Season Mulch

Did you know that right now is the best time of the year to get mulch installed?

5 Reasons To Install Pre-Season Mulch

But wait…it’s still winter. That’s right. Weather permitting, January and February are a great time to install or replenish your mulch. Why?

Here are 5 Reasons To Install Mulch During The Pre-Season:

1 Fewer Leaves

The leaves are down now, so this is the perfect time to install mulch, without it getting covered by newly fallen leaves, resulting in more bed maintenance.

2 Fewer Weeds

This is the best time to clear out your beds prior to installing the mulch. Most weeds are dead or dormant and any remaining leaves and brush will be easy to spot and clear.

3 Plant Insulation

Installing mulch during the colder months keeps your plants insulated and protects them from the elements. Additionally, it helps add nutrients to your soil during the winter months.

4 Keeps New Weeds Down

Mulch creates a barrier for weeds. This helps to suppress them upon germination, making it harder for weeds to disrupt your beds.

5 Aesthetically Pleasing

Mulch will enhance the overall aesthetics of your landscape during a season when many of your more colorful plants are dormant.

Many people prefer pine straw, which is another good option. It is important to remember that pine straw will not insulate your plants or nourish soil as much as regular wood mulch will.

It is also important to consider the acidity of pine straw when choosing where it is placed. Some plants prefer acidity more than others. Azaleas and roses for example, will do well with pine straw. If you are not sure if your plants will thrive in a more acidic environment, be sure to ask a qualified landscaping professional before it is installed.

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