Add Curb Appeal With Winter Landscaping

Is your winter landscape looking a little drab? There are some basic winter landscaping tips that you can implement on your property to add curb appeal.

Add Curb Appeal With Winter Landscaping

Whether you are looking to sell your home or just want to keep it looking sharp throughout the year, these winter landscaping ideas are sure to do the trick!

Front Yard Landscaping

Let’s start with the front yard. Incorporating evergreen trees and shrubs to your landscape will ensure that you have color year round. There are many evergreen varieties to choose from. Junipers, Holly, and Boxwood tend to offer a particular winter feel; however, there are many colorful evergreen varieties to choose from as well. Camellia offers bright flowers that begin blooming during the winter season, which can be a welcome sight for you and your visitors. Heath is another flowering option that will add a pop of purple to your winter landscape. The Evergreen Viburnum also offers small red flowers during the winter season, with showy green and yellow leaves.

Berries are another way to add color during the winter season. Hollies, Junipers, Firethorn, Coralberry, and Cotoneaster are just a few examples of berry-producing shrubs and ornamental trees.

Mulch and pine straw are great additions to any winter landscape. Even when color is in short supply, mulch and pine straw will add contrast and curb appeal. The added benefit of replenishing your mulch and pine straw during the winter season is that also helps to add nutrients to your soil and insulates your plants.

Winter Lawn Care

Maintaining a clean landscape, in general, is a great way to add curb appeal. Even after the mowing season is done, it is still important to clear any debris from your lawn such as twigs or fallen leaves. You should also remove these things from your bed areas. This will keep your property looking clean and fresh.

Presentation Is Everything

Other winter curb appeal ideas include pressure washing your house and fixing it up with a fresh coat of paint if necessary. Aside from regular home maintenance items, you can also use seasonal flowers and plants to decorate your front elevation or mailbox areas. If you want to make things pop, consider some landscape lighting to illuminate your hard work!

Need Help With Your Landscape?

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