Fall Flowers That Will Add Color To Your Landscape

As temperatures cool down it’s a great time to get out and do a little fall planting & yard cleanup. Even the simplest touches can go a long way towards improving your curb appeal.

Fall Flowers That Will Add Color To Your Landscape

Fall flowers are an excellent way to add color to your landscape! There are many colorful annual and perennial floral varieties to choose from that come readily available in the fall. We highly recommend that you stop by and explore your local greenhouse or lawn and garden store.

Annual Flowers

Annual flowers can be planted in the fall as a compliment to any landscape. These flowers will last through the fall until the first frost. There are also some annual flowers that are cold tolerant and may last longer into the winter season.

Summer Annuals - Fall Flowers - Canopy Lawn Care

You can also plant cold hardy vegetables that will add both color and interest to your beds and gardens. Swiss Chard, Kale, Cabbage and Mustard Greens are all cold tolerant and add texture and variety to your fall landscaping.

Annual flowers and vegetables can be planted in beds or pots. If you want to save a little time and keep things simple, potting your fall plants may be the way to go. Consider adding some like sweet potato vine to add dimension to your pots. Many vines are low maintenance but enhance any potted arrangement, making you look like a professional container gardener!

Perennial Flowers

Mums are one of the few perennial flowers that you would consider planting during the fall season. You will find that mums are in plentiful supply this time of year and can be found a just about every garden store and even your local supermarket! Because mums often come pre-potted and in bloom, many people mistake them for a fall annual flower. In fact, when planted in the ground and properly care for, mums will return year after year. These flowers come in a varieties of variety of bold fall colors, which make them a favorite during the fall. You will find them in shades of red, orange, yellow, white and even purple. Brightly colored mums make an excellent compliment to the oranges and and browns of falling leaves.

Sweet potato vine - fall flowers - canopy lawn care

There are also perennials that bloom during the fall. These floral varieties are typically planted during the spring, but continue to bloom into the fall. One of our favorites is Sedum. This hearty perennial is heat and drought tolerant and boasts vibrant red blooms, which are perfect for the fall season.

Although you will need to wait until spring to see them, fall is also the time when you should plant your flowering bulbs like tulips and daffodils. Mark your calendar to get your bulbs in the ground after evening temperatures begin to cool down, but prior to the first frost. We recommend marking where you have planted bulbs as to not plant other floral or evergreen varieties on top of them.

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