North Carolina Weed Control Alert!

It seems as though the warmer weather is here to stay in North Carolina, signaling an early spring.

North Carolina Weed Control Alert!

While, most of us are more than ready to see our warm weather return, one unfortunate side effect is the early protrusion of common lawn weeds.

The winter annual broadleaf weeds you are likely seeing pop up in your lawn are unfortunately common this time of year, and when treated with herbicides, can be controlled in a timely manner. These weeds will naturally “die-out” as the weather warms because it is not favorable for their growth. Mowing will begin soon too, which will help expedite the removal process, as these weeds do not tolerate mowing well.

A comment we commonly hear from our Canopy Lawn Care customers is “you sprayed my property, and my weeds have grown even taller”!

Why does this happen? We can tell you that this is actually a good thing. The herbicide that is used by Canopy to treat your broadleaf weeds controls your weeds by accelerating the growing process. We refer to this as the weed “growing itself to death”. This process usually takes 14-21 days and will be followed by leaf curling and yellowing-out of the plant.

These are the 6 most common weed varieties that we see this time of year in North Carolina.

Canopy Lawn Care Common Weed Varieties in North Carolina Raleigh Charlotte, NC

Henbit, Purple Deadnettle, Chickweed, Hairy Bittercress, Roughstalk Bluegrass, and Annual Bluegrass are all weeds that we commonly in North Carolina this of year, in addition to other common weeds like Carolina Geranium.

A regular fertilization and weed control program can help control these weeds. In addition to weed control, incorporating good fertilization practices for your lawn type, will improve the general health of your lawn, thus making it harder for weeds to invade the turf.

If you see weeds in your property and are concerned, please contact Canopy Lawn Care. We’ll be happy to answer your concerns and go over our weed control procedures, should you have any questions. Getting a quote is fast and free! Simply enter your address and email below to get started!