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Common Lawn Weeds: Nutsedge

One of the most common weeds that we are seeing popping up in our customers’ lawns right now is called nutsedge.

Canopy Lawn Care
July 28, 2016

Also commonly referred to as “nutgrass”, this perennial weed can be tough to spot at first, because it looks similar to turf grass. However, you will quickly notice nutsedge grows much faster than your turf and will sprout in taller patches. You also may notice spike-like or knobby heads that are yellow or purple.

Common Lawn Weeds: Nutsedge Canopy Lawn Care Raleigh NC

This weed thrives on moisture, so you are likely to see it in areas of your lawn with poor drainage. If your area is experiencing a large amount of rainfall, as we have recently seen in parts of North Carolina, that also creates an ideal environment for nutsedge to grow.

In addition to its roots, nutsedge also forms tiny tubers underground, so if you pull the weed, even if you get the root it can still spread. This time of year, Canopy recommends regular spraying of nutsedge and other weeds.

After nutsedge has been sprayed, you will start to notice it browning and beginning to shrivel. Within about 3-4 days the weed will die off. After treatment has been applied and has had time to dry, you can mow your lawn as you normally would.

Common Lawn Weeds: Nutsedge Canopy Lawn Care Raleigh NC

Proper lawn maintenance can also help prevent weeds in your lawn. A well-maintained lawn, cut at regular intervals to an optimal height, will help your turf grow in thick and healthy, crowding out the weeds and making it harder for them to grow.

For more information on Canopy’s weed control & fertilization process or any of our full-service lawn care packages, simply fill out the quote form on this page or contact us. We can be reached via email at or via phone or SMS message at 919.249.6670.

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