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Our weed control and fertilization plan is our signature, innovative turf building and weed preventative program that works year-round to give you a beautiful, healthy lawn.

How it works

The program consists of seven applications throughout the year. Each application contains carefully chosen combinations of nutrients, pre-emergent weed control, and post-emergent weed control to maximize the health of your lawn. We also monitor soil pH levels throughout the year which allows us to adjust fertilizer rates for optimal growth. With our weed control & fertilization services, you can be sure that your lawn is receiving the best care possible. With our soil-first approach, over time your lawn will require less and fewer amounts of fertilizer and herbicides, because the soil will be healthier and better able to support your grass.
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What’s included in

Weed Control & Fertilization

Canopy Lawn Assessment

Your Canopy expert will assess your lawn's individual characteristics in order to create an optimized treatment plan for it. The evaluation will show what you can anticipate throughout the season, as well as extra steps that you can take to make sure your lawn looks its best.

Lawn and Soil Nutrients

To ensure your lawn is lush and healthy, we provide tailored formulations of nutrients in exact amounts throughout the year. This customized approach will promote an optimal landscape for years to come. These amendments also target the health of your soil, as a strong soil foundation is essential for grass to thrive.

Lawn Health Monitoring

Each time we visit your specialist will be on the lookout for problem areas, including weed pressure, During these visits our specialist will monitor your lawn for any signs of pests or diseases and make recommendations accordingly.

Weed Management

With our lawn service, we'll not only pre-treat your grass to help prevent weeds from taking root but also provide targeted spot treatments if any pesky growths do appear. Plus, our experts will also recommend things like proper mowing techniques and irrigation schedules that can help maintain a healthy lawn.
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What is the difference between pre and post emergent herbicides?

Pre-emergent herbicides target weed seeds before they sprout and grow, while post-emergent herbicides are used to kill weeds that have already sprouted and are actively growing. Pre-emergent herbicides create an invisible barrier below the soil surface that kills weed seeds before they can take root and grow. Once applied, it will remain active in the soil for several weeks or months, depending on the product. Post-emergent herbicides are used to control existing weeds. They are generally sprayed directly onto the weed and can kill the plant within hours or days, depending on the product. Post-emergent herbicides also have residual activity and will kill new weeds that germinate after the application.

What are some good alternatives to TruGreen?

Canopy Lawn Care is a great alternative to TruGreen for residents of the Raleigh and Charlotte areas. Canopy offers lawn care plans that are tailored to the specific needs of each lawn, with services like fertilization, weed control and aeration. They also additional services to keep your lawn looking its best. Additionally, Canopy offers soil testing with their lawn care service, so they can accurately determine the best plan of action for your lawn. Canopy is a reliable and professional service that will help you keep your lawn looking healthy and vibrant for years to come.

Is hiring a lawn care company worth it?

Hiring a professional lawn care company is often worth it for homeowners who are looking to keep their yards looking great. Professional lawn care companies are knowledgeable in the best practices for lawn care, including when to apply herbicides, fertilize, and other treatments. Additionally, they possess specialized equipment and know-how to ensure that your yard looks great. By hiring a professional lawn care company, you are also saving yourself time and energy. This is because lawn care is a labor-intensive task and can be time consuming. Professional lawn care companies have the experience and expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently, allowing you to spend your time on other activities. Overall, hiring a professional lawn care company is worth it if you are looking for quality results without having to put in the time and effort yourself. With their knowledge, expertise, and specialized equipment, you can rest assured that your yard is in good hands and will look its best.

How do you choose a lawn care company?

When looking to hire a lawn care company, it is important to do some research and find one that meets your needs. Here are a few things to consider: 1. Is the lawn care company staffed with a trained agronomist? A trained agronomist can properly diagnose and address lawn care issues, such as pests or disease. 2. Is the lawn care company licensed and insured? This is an important factor when considering a professional lawn care service. 3. Are there good online reviews or testimonials from customers? Having a look at what other people have to say can give you insight into the quality of service that you will receive from a particular lawn care company. By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and find the right lawn care company for your needs.

How long does it take for lawn care to work?

The amount of time it takes for lawn care to work depends on the current state of the lawn, the amount of desired grass established, the amount of weeds, the age of the lawn, and other environmental factors. At Canopy, we ask customers to give us a year to see the full results of our program.

What is the best type of lawn care?

Canopy Lawn Care. Period.

How do I get rid of weeds in my lawn?

Weed control methods can be divided into two broad categories: cultural and chemical. Cultural weed control methods focus on changing the environment so that weeds are not able to grow. This includes practices that will increase turf grass density like aeration, seeding, mowing, watering, fertilizing, etc.. Chemical weed control methods involve using herbicides. These are available in both liquid and granule form, and should be used according to the directions on the label. Herbicides come in both pre and post emergent, be careful when you apply them, because you don’t want to kill your desired grass! By combining good cultural and chemical practices the best results can be achieved.

Why do I have weeds in my lawn?

Weeds can be one of the most frustrating problems for any homeowner with a lawn. Not only do they look unsightly, but they also take away valuable nutrients, space, and water from grass in the desired lawn. So why do you have weeds in your lawn? The answer can vary depending on your climate, soil type, and the amount of sunlight and water your lawn gets. Common reasons for weeds are: lack of turf density, an imbalance of nutrients or lack of certain essential nutrients, compacted soil, so if your lawn hasn't been aerated recently or you haven't been regularly dethatching it, lack of sunlight or water, etc.

How do I get a better lawn?

To get a better lawn, it is important to implement effective weed control, cultural practices and proper fertilization. Weed control usually involves using herbicides or other products to control the growth of weeds. Cultural practices such as mowing, aerating and overseeding can help promote healthy turfgrass growth and reduce weeds. Fertilizing is also important to promote healthy turfgrass growth and keep weeds at bay. Different types of fertilizer should be used depending on the type of grass, soil conditions and climate. It is important to follow directions carefully when using products for weed and pest control. Regular maintenance such as mowing, watering and fertilizing can help keep a lawn healthy and weed-free. By taking these steps, you will be well on your way to having a better lawn.

What does grass need to grow?

Grass needs several necessary elements to grow. It requires healthy, nutrient-rich soil with adequate water and sunlight. Grass also needs macro nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as micro nutrients available to thrive. Proper mowing techniques and other cultural practices can also ensure a healthy, lush lawn. Mowing grass on a regular basis helps it to remain healthy and thick. It also encourages the growth of deeper roots, which can help the grass survive during periods of drought. Finally, a consistent fertilization schedule is important for maintaining a healthy lawn. Fertilizer can provide the grass with extra nutrients that may not be available in the soil. With these elements, grass will be able to grow and flourish.

How do I tell what kind of grass I have?

One of the best ways to tell what kind of grass you have is by inspecting its leaf blades. Different kinds of grass will have different characteristics in the way their leaves look and feel. Look at the growth patterns, does it spread and grow horizontally, like Bermuda grass? Does it grow more in clumps vertically, like Tall Fescure? Sometimes it can be difficult to identify the type of grass you have, so consulting with a local lawn care professional might be necessary. They will be able to identify your grass and inform you of the best ways to take care of it.

Why are some patches of my lawn dying?

Patches of dying grass can be caused by a number of different factors. Insects, disease, mowing practices, and drought are some of the most common issues. Insects can cause turf grass damage in a variety of ways, depending on the species present. Chinch bugs feed on the fluids in grass blades and leave behind yellow patches. Grubs, armyworms, and sod webworms can all cause damage as they feed on the roots of turf grass. Disease is another possible cause of dead patches in lawns. Fungal diseases such as brown patch, dollar spot, and large patch are common problems that can cause patches to die. Mowing practices are another potential cause of dead patches. Cutting the lawn too short or cutting it too often can lead to weakened grass that is more prone to damage. Finally, drought can also lead to dead patches in lawns. Without sufficient water, the turf grass will brown and die. To prevent this, it is important to make sure the lawn is getting adequate water. If your lawn is suffering from dead patches, it is important to identify the cause so that you can take the necessary steps to treat it. Conducting a thorough investigation of your lawn and consulting with a professional can help you determine why your grass is dying. Taking the appropriate action to address the issue will help ensure that your lawn

What organic materials does Canopy use?

Canopy's lawn care program uses organic materials to promote better, healthier lawns. These materials include reclaimed coffee grounds as a natural fertilizer, beneficial bacteria to help promote healthy growth, and protein meal as a source of essential nutrients. The combination of these organic materials helps the soil retain moisture better, while also providing a range of essential nutrients to the grass and other plants in the lawn. Canopy's lawn care program is designed to nourish your lawn naturally, with less use of harsh chemicals or artificial fertilizers.

What kind of herbicides does Canopy use?

Canopy utilizes a variety of commodity pesticides to meet the needs of our clients. We utilize industry standard pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides to effectively control weeds without damaging the surrounding vegetation. We also use specialized herbicides to target specific species of weeds. Our team is well-versed in the use of these products and will work with you to create a plan that meets your needs. We understand the importance of proper application techniques, timing, and safety protocols and adhere to all state and federal regulations. With our expertise, you can be assured that your property is in good hands.

What kind of fertilizer does Canopy use?

At Canopy, we use a combination of both granular and liquid fertilizers. Our selection includes synthetic and organic blends to meet the needs of different plants and soils. We strive to ensure our selection is of the highest quality, so that you can trust your plants will get the nutrition they need. We carry both slow-release and fast-acting fertilizers to provide a balanced nutrient supply throughout the entire growing season. All of our fertilizer products are designed to deliver quick and long-term results, so you can have peace of mind your plants will stay healthy.

What is the difference between lawn care and turf care?

Lawn care and turf care are the same thing! The terms are often used interchangeably to describe the management of turf grass areas. Both services typically include fertilization, weed control, and other services like seeding and aeration, de-thatching, and top dressing.

What is the difference between lawn care and lawn maintenance?

Lawn care and lawn maintenance are terms that are often used interchangeably, however they refer to two distinct processes. Lawn care typically refers to the seasonal tasks involved in preparing a lawn for the coming months. It includes fertilizing, aerating, seeding and reseeding, de-thatching, and weed control. Lawn maintenance is an ongoing process of mowing, edging, trimming trees and shrubs, removing leaves and debris, and other routine tasks that help keep a lawn in good condition. Both lawn care and maintenance are important for keeping a healthy, attractive lawn.

What does lawn care actually do?

Lawn care in North Carolina includes a variety of services, from fertilizing to weed control. Fertilizing is important for providing essential nutrients to your lawn, allowing it to remain healthy and green throughout the year. Weed control is also important for keeping your lawn free of unsightly weeds and ensuring that the grass stays lush and healthy. In addition to these core services, lawn care in North Carolina may also include aeration and seeding, top dressing, and lawn pest control. Professionally delivered lawn care should result in a healthy lawn with few weeds and thriving turfgrass.

your topsoil is critical to the health of your lawn.

This is the most important layer for your lawn. When homes are built the land is graded, which results in the loss of the topsoil layer. Then the property is either seeded or sodded, which means the grass doesn’t have much to work with. Other lawn care companies solve for this by applying a ton of fertilizer and herbicides, at Canopy we focus on restoring your soil so your lawn can be sustainable for years to come.

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