Breathe new life into your lawn with OxyLawn aeration.

Core aeration is the process of removing small plugs from your lawn to help break up compacted soil and increase oxygen levels in the root zone.

How it works

A more porous soil allows for better absorption of water, air, fertilizer, and other nutrients which leads to healthier roots and lush turf growth. OxyLawn™ also helps reduce thatch buildup which can inhibit new growth and seed-to-soil contact for lawns that receive SeedSpark™ seeding services. Core aeration can help alleviate many of the common lawn problems, such as dry patches or moss growth. Contact us to find out more about our OxyLawn™ Aeration Service and how it can improve the overall health of your lawn. With proper care, you’ll soon have a lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood.
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A cut out disc of healthy turf that shows a cross section of soil on a white background.
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your topsoil is critical to the health of your lawn.

This is the most important layer for your lawn. When homes are built the land is graded, which results in the loss of the topsoil layer. Then the property is either seeded or sodded, which means the grass doesn’t have much to work with. Other lawn care companies solve for this by applying a ton of fertilizer and herbicides, at Canopy we focus on restoring your soil so your lawn can be sustainable for years to come.

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Why should you believe us? Because in addition to guaranteeing your satisfaction, we have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and a +4 star rating on Google, HomeAdvisor, Angie, and Thumbtack. On top of that we are fully licensed and insured. Finally, we conduct thorough national background checks and drug screen all of our employees, so that you know we are a company you can trust with your property.

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