Improve Your Lawn's Health with Our OKC Top Dressing Service

Enhance your lawn with Canopy Lawn Care of the Sooner State’s specialized Top Dressing Services, designed to enhance soil structure and level uneven surfaces for optimal growth.

Top dressing provides your lawn with the nutrients it craves by enhancing water retention, aeration, and microbial activity, creating a healthy powerhouse in your lawn's root system. Our expert team at Canopy Lawn Care tailors top dressing materials to your lawn's specific needs. Optimal nutrient enrichment is ensured, promoting water retention, aeration, and microbial activity for a robust root system. Our team is ready to assist you in building a lush, resilient lawn that thrives in the unique conditions of Oklahoma City.

Transform your outdoor space with our top dressing services and achieve a healthier, more vibrant lawn!

How it works

Top Dressing Assessment

First we will provide you with a top dressing assessment. This includes the potential benefit of top dressing your lawn, where we recommend top dressing, and the amount of top dressing material recommended.

Top Dressing Application

A mix of organic and mineral soil is applied with a commercial grade top dressing machine, ensuring even distribution at the proper amount during your top dressing service.

Delivery and Clean Up

Your service includes the delivery of your top dressing material, as well as the clean up of the material if it has been deposited on a driveway or street.

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