Brown patch treatment in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte's unique climate, characterized by warm and moist conditions, can be a double-edged sword for your lawn. While it promotes lush growth, it also makes your turf particularly vulnerable to lawn fungus, including the notorious brown patch. But worry not, for we have the perfect solution. Our team employs a meticulously crafted blend of fungicides and fertilizers designed to combat the specific fungi that can wreak havoc on your lawn.

At our lawn care service, we rely on the exceptional TurfDefender™, a specialized solution tailored for Charlotte's conditions. TurfDefender™ is expertly applied directly to your grass, eradicating existing fungal infections and establishing robust, long-term protection against future outbreaks.

When you receive TurfDefender™ Fungal Protection from Canopy Lawn Care you will rest assured knowing that you have protected your lawn against harmful fungi that kill infected turf.

How it works

Turf growing in moist and warm conditions are particularly susceptible to fungal infection. We use a specially formulated combination of fungicides and fertilizers to target specific fungi that have been known to wreak havoc on your lawn. TurfDefender™ is applied directly to the grass, killing off any existing fungal infections while providing long-term protection against future outbreaks. TurfDefender™ helps you protect the gains you make with your lawn and avoid harmful and unsightly outbreaks.

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