Science-Back Weed Control & Fertilization Services in Central New Jersey

Canopy Lawn Care of Central New Jersey takes pride in offering comprehensive and professional weed control and fertilization services to nurture your lawn's health and aesthetic appeal. Our team of lawn care and weed control experts employ advanced, science-based strategies to effectively eliminate unwanted weed growth, targeting broadleaf and grassy weeds while preserving the integrity of your desirable grasses.

Through a customized approach, we tailor our weed control solutions to the specific weed species and conditions in your lawn, ensuring a beautiful, healthy landscape that allows your grass to flourish.

Complementing our weed control services is our premium fertilization program, designed to provide your lawn with the essential nutrients it needs for optimal growth and resilience. Our expert lawn care technicians conduct thorough soil analysis of your lawn to determine the specific nutrient requirements needed. We then apply a precisely custom-blended fertilizer to promote strong root development. With Canopy Lawn Care of Central New Jersey's weed control and fertilization services, you can enjoy a healthy and vibrant lawn that becomes the envy of your neighborhood.

Our science-focused weed control and fertilization program will leave your lawn greener and healthier than ever.

How it works

Canopy Lawn Assessment

Your Canopy expert will assess your lawn's individual characteristics in order to create an optimized treatment plan for it. The evaluation will show what you can anticipate throughout the season, as well as extra steps that you can take to make sure your lawn looks its best.

Lawn and Soil Nutrients

To ensure your lawn is lush and healthy, we provide tailored formulations of nutrients in exact amounts throughout the year. This customized approach will promote an optimal landscape for years to come. These amendments also target the health of your soil, as a strong soil foundation is essential for grass to thrive.

Lawn Health Monitoring

Each time we visit your specialist will be on the lookout for problem areas, including weed pressure, During these visits our specialist will monitor your lawn for any signs of pests or diseases and make recommendations accordingly.

Weed Management

With our lawn service, we'll not only pre-treat your grass to help prevent weeds from taking root but also provide targeted spot treatments if any pesky growths do appear. Plus, our experts will also recommend things like proper mowing techniques and irrigation schedules that can help maintain a healthy lawn.

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