Weed Control & Fertilization

At Canopy Lawn Care of Richmond, we understand the unique challenges Richmond lawns face, so we're making it easier than ever to maintain a lush lawn. Our specialized approach to weed control and fertilization is designed to enhance the health and resilience of your lawn, ensuring it remains green and vibrant throughout the season.

Our lawn care experts use a nutrient-rich proprietary blend for our lawn treatments throughout the year to provide your lawn with the care and protection it needs. Over the course of your Canopy Lawn Care weed control treatments, you'll find that your lawn is not only green, but it will be the healthiest it's ever been. Building sustainable, healthy lawns is what our team of Richmond lawn care experts love to do.

You will never have to worry about weeds again with our turf-building lawn care services.

How it works

Canopy Lawn Assessment

Your Canopy expert will assess your lawn's individual characteristics in order to create an optimized treatment plan for it. The evaluation will show what you can anticipate throughout the season, as well as extra steps that you can take to make sure your lawn looks its best.

Root Fertilization

By applying root zone fertilization treatments in the spring and fall, we can help your plants reach their full growth potential. Benefiting from essential nutrients, they will be able to display lush greenery and vibrant flowers like never before!

Weed Management

With our lawn service, we'll not only pre-treat your grass to help prevent weeds from taking root but also provide targeted spot treatments if any pesky growths do appear. Plus, our experts will also recommend things like proper mowing techniques and irrigation schedules that can help maintain a healthy lawn.

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