Weed Control and Fertilization

Elevate your Raleigh lawn care with our comprehensive program designed to nurture green, healthy grass and a thriving lawn. Our seven annual applications feature precision-crafted blends of nutrients, pre-emergent weed control, and post-emergent weed control to optimize your lawn's well-being.

We go the extra mile by continuously monitoring soil pH levels, enabling us to fine-tune fertilizer rates for optimum growth. With HealthyLawn™, rest assured that your lawn is receiving top-notch care. Our soil-first approach cultivates healthier soil, gradually reducing the need for excessive fertilizers and herbicides, making your lawn more self-sufficient and resilient.

HealthyLawn™ is our signature, innovative turf building and weed preventative program that works year-round to give you a beautiful, healthy lawn.

How it works

The program consists of seven applications throughout the year. Each application contains carefully chosen combinations of nutrients, pre-emergent weed control, and post-emergent weed control to maximize the health of your lawn. We also monitor soil pH levels throughout the year which allows us to adjust fertilizer rates for optimal growth. With HealthyLawn™ you can be sure that your lawn is receiving the best care possible. With our soil-first approach, over time your lawn will require less and fewer amounts of fertilizer and herbicides, because the soil will be healthier and better able to support your grass.

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