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Applying Weed Control To Warm Season Grass

Are you wondering when you should apply pre-emergent weed control to your lawn? Or perhaps you are asking – “what is pre-emergent weed control and is it necessary?”

Canopy Lawn Care
October 12, 2016

At Canopy, we highly recommend applying pre-emergent weed control. It is comparatively lower cost service that can save homeowners a lot of money in the lawn run. In fact, we believe that pre-emergent weed control is perhaps the most important service your lawn will receive all year.

The best time to apply this type of weed control to your warm season grass is right now, during the fall. We begin applying pre-emergent weed control for our warm season grass customers during the months of September through October.

Warm season grasses like Zoysia and Bermuda go dormant during the winter. By applying pre-emergent weed control during the fall, you are helping to protect the turf from weeds that may sprout up during the winter months. Taking this step will help set your lawn up for success during the spring season!

Several varieties of winter annual weeds begin to germinate in the early months of fall, including common weeds we see here in North Carolina like Poa, Common Chickweed, and Spurweed. Pre-emergent weed control will stop these weeds from growing and invading your warm season turf.

pre-emergent weed control protects against common Winter Annual Broadleaf Weeds Canopy Lawn Care Raleigh, NC

At Canopy, we use a granular pre-emergent herbicide that is applied in split applications. Granular herbicide absorbs into your turf over time. Although water can actually help the granular absorb into the soil, too much water can reduce its effectiveness. This is why we do split applications for our customers. It ensures that the optimal amount of herbicide reaches the soil.

Stopping weeds before they emerge is one simple step that can be taken as part of a well-rounded lawn maintenance plan. If you have questions about pre-emergent weed control or would like to sign up for one of Canopy’s convenient lawn maintenance plans, contact us today!

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