How to properly water your lawn

Watering your lawn is an important aspect of your lawn care during summer months.

How to properly water your lawn

Summer is certainly in full swing here in North Carolina and throughout the southeast. During the summer months, particularly in areas like here in Raleigh, NC, it is not uncommon to go several days without any rain. During dry spells, it is important to ensure that your lawn is receiving an adequate amount of water.

High temperatures and little rainfall cause lawns to begin showing signs of drought stress.  If severe, grasses can even begin wilting and dying.  Cool season lawns in particular, like Fescue, technically go dormant and begin browning out without adequate water.

Watering your lawn can help protect your turf from drought stress and also protect your investment! It is important that you practice proper watering techniques, however, so you do not over-water or water at less than ideal times of the day. Below are some tips that will help you maintain a properly hydrated lawn all summer long.

Correct watering techniques:

  • Water deeper less frequently vs. watering shallower more frequently – i.e. soak your lawn thoroughly a few days a week vs. watering a little at a time (sprinkling) every day.  Lawns need at least an inch of water every week.
  • Water in the morning rather than at night.  Watering at night promotes disease and fungus growth on your lawn.
  • Areas that receive full sun will need more water than areas in the shade.
  • Areas on a slope need more water than flat areas that don’t drain as quickly.
  • Be mindful of the watering schedules for your municipality during times of drought.  This information can often be found on city websites.
  • Consider getting a timer for water spigots and set them on a schedule to ensure that the watering of your lawn is not neglected.
  • Regularly check for wilting of grass blades, hard soil, and dry soil in lawn areas.