December 15, 2022

Weed and Feed vs. Grass Fertilization

Weed and Feed vs. Grass Fertilization

Weed and feed is a term that has been created to describe the combination of weed control and fertilizer. These are two separate lawn care services that are not always performed at the same time. In fact, buyers should beware of purchasing products labeled “weed and feed” because depending on your grass type, it may not be best to apply both a weed control and a lawn fertilizer at one time. When it comes to the overall health of your lawn, the best approach for weed control and fertilizer application is to apply each product during the optimal season.

Weed Control

Canopy Lawn Care takes a comprehensive approach to our weed control program. Our lawn care pros apply split applications for pre-emergent weed control. The goal of pre-emergent weed control is to prevent the germination of weeds so they never have the opportunity to protrude through the soil. For maximum effectiveness, Canopy performs this service in two different applications.

Pre-emergent weed controls should be applied during the right season for the grass type that you intend to treat. For cool-season grasses, like Fescue, pre-emergent weed control should be applied at the beginning of spring and then again approximately one month following the first application. In the southeast, the first application is usually applied in February and then again in March. Warm-season grasses, like Bermuda, receive their split applications in February and then again in September. These events line up with the grass growth cycle, so the dates will vary depending on the climate zone.

Following pre-emergent applications, weeds are then spot sprayed. Weeds may appear following pre-emergent weed control because they simply exist in nature. For example, birds and other animals, or simply the wind can spread weed seeds from area to area. By spot spraying weeds, you are eliminating needless blanket spraying of the lawn and instead only targeting weeds as they appear.

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Fertilization is extremely beneficial for lawns. There are many different kinds of lawn fertilizer, but most common varieties of fertilizer contain some level of both nitrogen and phosphorus. When shopping for a fertilization product, be sure to ask a lawn care professional what blend might be best for your grass type. Organic fertilizer is also available and typically contains nitrogen and phosphorus naturally. However, organic fertilizer can also contain weed seeds, so be aware of that when you are spreading!

Canopy Lawn Care Pros spread granular fertilizer blends using a fertilizer spread. These blends are designed for grass type they will be applied to. These fertilizers feed your lawn when they are absorbed into the soil.

Customers who sign up for Canopy Lawn Care’s fertilization and weed control program receive multiple fertilization treatments for their lawn. Cool season grass customers will receive fertilizer three times during the spring, and then twice in the fall. Warm season grass customers receive fertilizer once in the late spring and then three times throughout the summer.

Does your lawn need weed and feed?

Yes, your lawn needs weed and feed service, but as we discussed in this post, these are two separate practices. For a healthy lawn, we recommend applying weed control and fertilizers separately. Would you like more information Canopy Lawn Care’s fertilization and weed control program? Request a fast, free quote or contact us today!