December 15, 2022

Why is my neighbor's lawn green and mine is not?

Why is my neighbor's lawn green and mine is not?

In North Carolina and throughout the southeast, we have multiple turf varieties, but the fall into only two categories; warm season grass and cool season grass. So, what kind of grass do you have?

Cool season grass thrives throughout the cooler spring and winter seasons in the southeast, while warm season grass goes into dormancy when temperatures begin to drop. When grass enters dormancy, your lawn will look brown and dry.

This time of year, when everyone begins to get excited for spring, you may find yourself wondering why your neighbor’s lawn is already lush and green and being mowed, while yours still looks sadly brown. The good news is, your lawn is likely not dead or diseased, but rather a warm season grass that will soon come out of dormancy.

The most common cool season turf type that we see is Fescue and perhaps occasionally some Ryegrass. The most common warm season turf varieties we see are Bermuda and Zoysia. Other varieties include St. Augustine, however that is seen less commonly throughout the Carolinas and above states like Florida and Georgia.

Warm season grass comes out of its dormancy as temperatures begin to rise and with proper maintenance and watering, will thrive throughout the spring and summer, tolerating hot summer temperatures well. Cool season grass, despite staying green throughout the spring and into the early summer, will struggle to maintain its color during the hot summer temperatures. It will instead do the opposite of warm season grass and begin to go dormant to beat the heat.

Fescue grass in March

Fescue in March Canopy Lawn Care North Carolina

Bermuda grass in March

Bermuda grass in March Canopy Lawn Care North Carolina

Zoysia grass in March

Zoysia grass in March Canopy Lawn Care North Carolina

Regardless of what kind of grass you have, a lawn care maintenance plan can ensure the health of your turf and that it is properly cared for year round. At Canopy Lawn Care, we offer year round full service lawn care maintenance packages, mulch installation, pine straw installation, mosquito service and more.

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