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Canopy was founded with a purpose.

Canopy was born in 2014 out of a novel idea to provide a higher level of service to landscape maintenance consumers and rewrite the way the profession works, starting with our team in the field and building on that premise.

Our Story

The Beginning

Canopy Lawn Care was originally known as Pack Purchase, founded in 2014 by Hunt Davis, our CEO and President. We originally planned on providing a host of home maintenance services under one umbrella, or canopy (get it?) but realized that we would need to control the entire model in order to provide the level of service we desired. In other words, we couldn’t “sub out” our work and ensure the promise of quality to our customers, so we decided to pivot and focus exclusively on lawn care, maintenance, and landscaping services.

We are weaving new technology and innovative business practices in order to change the way that lawn maintenance and landscaping is provided. From a variety of communication channels to new industry technology like robotic mowing, Canopy Lawn Care is focused on a smarter, better way of providing service.

Our goal is to deliver a better customer and employee experience to everyone we perform work for and our Canopy team members.

Our Mission

We believe the home service industry, especially lawn care, is broken. It is one of the most painful areas of life to maintain your home, with widespread acceptance of a broken system and rampant worker exploitation. The invitation to go onto someone’s property, and alleviate this pain, is a tremendous honor and opportunity. To make their home a sanctuary. Why is it so hard to find good service providers? Workers in this industry are not celebrated, and in turn, homeowners receive a poor experience.

We are changing all of that. We are assembling an amazing team of people dedicated to serving you. The top of our org chart is our field team. The people who come to your home to serve you. The rest of us are their support team. They are the best in the industry, they are trained, knowledgeable, and friendly. They can answer your questions and make recommendations. They use our incredible technology to create a record of your property, all of your desires for it, and communicate with you all along the way.

We serve them, and they in turn serve you. That’s how it works. We invite you to experience what a difference this makes.

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“Knowledgeable, professional, and excellent service. Everything you could hope for in a lawn care service and more. Thank you guys for everything that you do!”

Jonathan H., Cary, North Carolina