Aerating & Seeding Services in Bucks & Montgomery Counties

Build a thicker, healthier lawn with our lawn aerating and seeding services in Bucks & Montgomery Counties! Lawn aeration and seeding is an essential part of a lawn building strategy.

During your lawn aeration and seeding service, our team of lawn care experts will perforate the soil to allow for optimal air, soil, and nutrient penetration to the root system. Our seed blend is an ideal mix designed to withstand the Pennsylvania fall and winter and thrive in the spring and summer. This service will allow us to not only make your grass more dense and thicker but we can also target specific bare patches to create a more uniform lawn. And timing is everything when it comes to an ideal outcome with your aerating and seeding service, so don't wait to schedule!

Breathe new life into your yard and create a thicker, denser lawn with our aerating and seeding services.

How it works


Our aeration service is delivered on commercial-grade aerators that are professionally maintained, resulting in clean holes and plugs. You can expect, however, that your lawn will look like it has gone 12 rounds in a boxing match after we’re done, it’s all part of the process!

Aeration Pre-Care

Before we even begin we will send you preparation instructions that include irrigation, mowing, and marking irrigation heads and cable lines so we can avoid any accidental damage. If we do damage anything on your property during aeration we will fix it, no questions asked.

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