Top Dressing Services in Bucks & Montgomery Counties

Ready to improve the soil structure and uneven surfaces of your lawn? Our top dressing services in Bucks & Montgomery Counties is what your lawn is craving.

When you choose Canopy Lawn Care of Bucks & Montgomery Counties for your top dressing lawn service, our team of lawn experts will choose a top dressing material that's custom to your lawn's specific needs for optimal nutrient enrichment. Our top dressing service allows for better water retention, aeration, and microbial activity in the soil to promote a healthy powerhouse in your lawn's root system. Top dressing is a necessary part of a lawn healthy strategy and our team is ready to help you build a lush, resilient lawn.

Provide your lawn with optimal nutrient enrichment and better water retention with our top dressing lawn service.

How it works

We apply the top dressing to your lawn in thin layers and then lightly incorporate it into the soil. This helps to improve drainage while adding vital nutrients that promote a healthy root system. The end result is a beautiful, lush lawn that requires less input and maintenance. So if you’re looking to make the most of your outdoor space, contact us today to find out more about our Top Dressing service.

Top Dressing Application

A mix of organic and mineral soil is applied with a commercial grade top dressing machine, ensuring even distribution at the proper amount during your top dressing service.

Top Dressing Assessment

First we will provide you with a top dressing assessment. This includes the potential benefit of top dressing your lawn, where we recommend top dressing, and the amount of top dressing material recommended.

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