Top Dressing

Elevate the vitality of your lawn with Canopy Lawn Care of Greenville's specialized Top Dressing Services, meticulously crafted to improve soil structure and level uneven surfaces, fostering optimal growth.

Our top dressing services go beyond the surface, providing your lawn with essential nutrients that enhance water retention, aeration, and microbial activity. This comprehensive approach transforms your lawn into a healthy powerhouse by nurturing a robust root system. At Canopy Lawn Care, our expert team customizes top dressing materials to meet the specific needs of your lawn, ensuring an optimal blend for enriched nutrients, improved water retention, aeration, and microbial activity.

Experience the difference as we assist you in cultivating a lush, resilient lawn tailored to thrive in the distinctive conditions of Greenville. Canopy Lawn Care is your partner in creating a landscape that stands out for its health and vibrancy.

Nourish your lawn with superior nutrient enrichment and enhance water retention through our top dressing lawn service.

How it works

Top Dressing Assessment

First we will provide you with a top dressing assessment. This includes the potential benefit of top dressing your lawn, where we recommend top dressing, and the amount of top dressing material recommended.

Top Dressing Application

A mix of organic and mineral soil is applied with a commercial grade top dressing machine, ensuring even distribution at the proper amount during your top dressing service.

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