Pest Control Treatments

We all know how horrible it is to walk into your home at night, flip on the light and scream at the sight of a massive brown roach running across the counter!

Pest Control Treatments

It’s a tragic and scarring event that you are not soon to forget, causing you to think about doing some of your own pest control.

Bugs are gross; no one really likes them and if you took a poll a large majority of people living around you probably do not want them in your home! They can enter your home several different ways making it really hard to pinpoint what and where to spray. This leads to the purchase multiple expensive products and that don’t guarantee great pest control results and guarantees a hit to your wallet.

Reduce the frequency of nasty bugs in your home with these pest control tips:

  1.    Keep your food in bags, containers, drawers or cabinets. The less food out and about the less there is for bugs to feed on.
  2.    Make sure to keep all passageways to the outdoors (doors, windows, etc.) closed. Plug any holes that might lead to the outside.
  3.    Finally, trusting a pest control professional to come to your home and do this for you will create a much greater peace of mind when it comes to bugs in your home.

We have found that quarterly pest control treatment plans are common. A good pest control company will work quickly to rid your home of unwanted pests while using environment-friendly solutions that will keep you and your loved ones safe.

Typical Services should include:

  1.    Treatment for spiders, ants, roaches and mice
  2.    Quarterly service— 4 times a year or once every 3 months
  3.    Interior treatment
  4.    Exterior treatment
  5.   Crawl space treatment

Keep in mind that you will, more than likely, need to be home for this service. Make sure you take that into account when you schedule pest control services. At Canopy we provide exterior pest control services in the form of fire ant control, grub control, and mosquito control. Let us know if you would like us to help you with any of your outside pest control needs!